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Spring Edition
Volume 100, Number 4

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Donovan Roberts Witmer '97

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Time is measured not only by years, but also by memories. Often, we can pinpoint a certain year simply by recollecting a person we met, a book that we read, or something that happened in the news. Those “memory-markers” serve as personal time machines that transport us across decades, between past and present.

As we prepare to celebrate Messiah College’s Centennial this year, there are lifetimes of memory-markers surrounding the College’s history —people, stories, and events that have inspired and challenged alumni, faculty, and students through the past 100 years. In light of this historic moment in the life of the College, our summer reading feature this year highlights a book from each decade of Messiah’s history. These reading recommendations, presented by people who have shared in Messiah’s 100-year legacy, serve as little time capsules—from 1909 to 2009. From bullfights to the history of Christianity to dancing chickens, these books will transport you through the decades of the College’s existence.

Some of these books may challenge you to see something from a new perspective, making you ponder things you may have never thought about before. Others may be pleasantly familiar, like a visit from an old friend. The story of Messiah College is a little like this, too. Our story germinates with new ideas but is also replete with comforting traditions—all woven into a remarkable century-old story. Won’t you join us as we journey through Messiah’s history, by the book?

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