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Summer Edition
Volume 97, Number 1

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Get into a good book
Get into a good book
An inside look at our favorite summer books

As Cicero once said, "A room without books is like a body without a soul." Great books tap into something deep within us, as though we've rediscovered a long lost friend — two souls reconnecting. The characters draw us in; they sometimes mirror us. The stories tantalize us; the ideas, the grand themes of life, they enrapture us. These are the books we must share with others.

They come in many genres — fiction, biography, business, poetry — all weaving tales in which we can so easily get lost, transporting us from the world around us, if only for a few pages.

For this summer's edition of The Bridge, we asked alumni, educators, and Messiah's new first family to share with us the books that have enchanted them. We've also included some books that are perfect for reading groups and a few films that do an unusually good job of capturing their audiences' imaginations.

So this summer, as you bask in the sunshine with a glass of lemonade in hand, try getting into one of these featured books and prepare to lose yourself in the comfortable pages of great summer reading.

Jonathan Vaitl '06

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