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Winter Edition
Volume 97, Number 3

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Snow sculptor discovered!

For the Fall 2005 issue of The Bridge, we dug into the College Archives and found a terrific photograph of a

Hartman at graduation
Scott Hartman '87 at his Messiah graduation with Professor of Art Ted Prescott (middle) and Ted's wife Catherine.

snow sculpture in the shape of Slimer from the Ghostbuster movies. Unable to determine the artist, we used the picture as an opportunity to reminisce about Pennsylvania snows and the ways that Messiah students have fun when the snowflakes fall.

Imgaine how delighted we were when the sculptor himself contacted our office and told us a bit about himself! Scott Hartman '87 currently works as a financial consultant after working with his wife Sheri in ministry for 10 years. Here's what Scott had to say about the sculpture and his Messiah experience:

"While reading The Bridge last week, I was pleasantly surprised to see the snow sculpture created 20 years ago while I was an art major at Messiah. The fun began as the snow flakes fell and snowballs were rolled together to form a 10-foot mound of snow. Then I began sculpting and the rest is history. I cherish all the memories of my experience at Messiah. Now I am the parent of a prospective student. My son visited the campus last month as he considers Messiah for his college education."


Hartman family
Scott with his family: (left to right) Bradley, Brittany, Scott, Sheri, and Brandon
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