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Volume 98, Number 3

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Goals You've Set in Motion!
A sampling of Messiah College alumni who responded to The Bridge's winter 2007 survey with stories of their own personal and professional goals

Jonathan Owen '02

Jonathan Owen '02

During his time at Messiah College, Jonathan Owen '02 studied electrical engineering. "I had the intention of using my knowledge of technology in the missionary field," says Owen.

Jonathan's goal took an unexpected turn after graduation. "I followed numerous leads for engineering jobs and was interviewed several times, each time making it to the final round of 2-3 candidates. Each time, something outside of my control (and not based on my qualifications) tipped in favor of the other candidate." Meanwhile, Jonathan had been working in hands-on ministries within his church. "It was this experience that finally convinced me of a call to ministry," he says.

Currently, Jonathan is pursuing a Master of Divinity at Evangelical School of Theology, Myerstown, Pa. In reflecting on the long path toward his goal, Jonathan notes that "through God's help, I was able to get past my insecurities and pursue pastoral ministry as a goal in my life."


Megan St-Esprit '06

Megan St-Esprit '06

When Megan St-Esprit '06 began her studies at Messiah College, she was—in her own words—a "new Christian."

"I actually remember making a comment about 'Jonah and the Ark' in my freshman BIble class," recalls Megan. "I didn't have very much factual knowledge about my new faith, but I was willing to learn." She began training as a leader for Young Life, a non-denominational Christian ministry for adolescents, and working with local middle school-aged students—in addition to her work at Wilbur's Cafe and her full course load."My schedule was tough," she says, "but I graduated with some of the best friends I have ever known, a degree that I am proud of, and ministry experience that changed my life."

But one of Megan's post-graduation goals—a three-year mission term in the Caribbean —took an unexpected turn. "I raised about one-third of the money I needed and even negotiated my course load so that I could graduate a semester early," Megan recalls. "Then, two weeks before the start of my senior year, I went to the island where I was to live and work for the next three years. I have never felt so strongly that God didn't want me to be somewhere. I was faced with three months to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, and what I saw as embarrassment and failure that my plans had fallen through. I didn't know where God was taking me." Fortunately, Megan was able to secure an internship with Young Life in the U.S.—an opportunity that helped her focus her goal and find a new path for her life.

Megan is pursuing entrance into a graduate school for counseling, hoping to combine her Messiah-earned youth ministry degree with a license to counsel teenagers.

Douglas Glickert '91 and his family

Douglas Glickert '91

Douglas Glickert '91 is a man who likes to set goals for himself—from the personal to the professional to the spiritual.

In the professional realm, Douglas hopes to develop a life skills youth curriculum that will help junior high students to grow into healthy adults and "make a difference in our world," according to Douglas, a second grade teacher in the New York Public School system. Additionally, he hopes to become a school principal in the next five years—a goal he's pursuing through graduate experience, having completed his second master's degree in school administration.

Douglas—a past recipient of Messiah College's Young Alumni of the Year Award, a recognition  he holds among his greatest achievements—also hopes to read through the entire Bible in 2007.

A husband and father of four, Douglas (pictured with his family "team") also wants to devote more time to his family in 2007. "I want to keep Thursday nights open for a weekly date with my wife and kids," he says. "I want to spend one-on-one time with each of my children, at least once a month, and to take them to Disney World once before they hit their teens."

Glenn Shrom '89

Glenn Shrom '89

In 2006, Glenn Shrom '89 saw his book, Getting Past the Culture Wars: Regarding Intelligent Design, published. This year, one of his goals is to edit the book for its second edition. "The first time I wrote, I was in more of a hurry and had to get something out there so that others could give feedback to help polish my product."

Glenn is no stranger to goal-setting; in college, he had hoped to enter the mission field after graduation. "I wanted to learn Spanish, thinking that I might become a missionary to Latin America," says Glenn. "Messiah did not offer a study-abroad program to Latin America, so I traveled to Spain during my junior year." Glenn's goal of serving in Latin America soon took a very unexpected turn. "While in Spain, I was impacted by the very low number of born-again Christians in that nation. Latin America—I learned—has had more preaching of the Gospel than Spain in recent years. I ended up learning the Catalan language and falling in love with the Catalonian nation." After graduating in 1989, Glenn returned to Spain in 1990 and served as a missionary there until 1996.

Glenn married and returned to the U.S., where he and his wife had three children. "We planned to return to Spain as missionaries in 2000. Those plans collapsed, and I was crushed." During this period, Glenn trusted in God. "I had to lay down my goals for serving God and go through a lot of suffering in the process."

In the end, Glenn learned an important lesson even though he didn't achieve his goal. "I began to see that God can use me in his service even while living in the U.S.," says Glenn, who currently teaches Spanish at the King's Academy in Mohrsville, Pa.

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