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Trademark Information
Messiah College's visual identity marks are in the process of registration by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This means that:
  • Neither the College's marks or approximations may be used to identify entitites other than Messiah College.
  • The College's rights to revenue generated by the commercial use of its marks is protected.
  • The College's marks cannot be altered or used inappropriately without jeopardizing legal protective status.
  • Marks should be displayed with the "TM" symbol indicating trademark status.
The College presents a wide variety of merchandise to students and alumni. The primary hub for Messiah College merchandise is the College Bookstore, which has developed strategies for incorporating the College's new visual identity into its merchandise. Campus departments, offices, and program areas may also order merchandise for the audiences that they serve. Although these items are often prepared according to the prevailing fashion style or vogue, most suppliers are capable of preparing customized items to match Messiah College's visual identity. While additional production costs may sometimes result, vendors must always reproduce our official visual identity marks as designed and match PMS 295 exactly (for printed materials) or as closely as possible for other merchandise where PMS matching capabilities do not exist.

Camera-ready art and color swatches are available from the Office of Publications, to equip vendors to produce their merchandise according to Messiah's standards. While ordering merchandise, should you have an application which raises questions related to the visual identity guidelines, please contact the Director of Publications for assistance.

Note to Vendors
The visual identity marks depicted on this website are trademarks of Messiah College. All graphic standards and restrictions outlined in this manual apply to the production of all merchandise — whether purchased by the College or by outside funding. Design alterations or substitutions are strictly prohibited without the express written consent of the Director of Publications. Messiah College reserves the right to reject delivery of, and payment for, materials containing unauthorized or incorrect usages of the Messiah College visual identity marks, including the College logo, seal, and athletic logos.

Questions concerning the trademarks of Messiah College should be directed to:

Director of College Services
Messiah College
P.O. Box 3022
One College Avenue
Grantham, PA 17027
ext. 5601 (on campus)
(717) 796-5047 (off campus)

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