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Fact Book


The Fact Book documents the academic, financial, and institutional characteristics of Messiah College for the academic year through time. The Fact Book largely captures the state of the campus during the "Fall Snapshot," which occurs after the 10th day of classes. The Fact Book also collects the information needed for federal and state reporting, as well as publishing-house surveys. Although the Fact Book is compiled by the Institutional Research Office, it draws upon and reflects the contributions of all academic and administrative units of Messiah College.


The Fact Book is intented to be a consistent reference for describing Messiah College's institutional characteristics, the campus context, and trends. It serves as an aid for internal projects and strategic planning, and it sould be considered a source for responding to requests from external agencies. More detailed information is often available by contacting the Institutional Research Office.



Excerpts from the 2013-2014 Fact Book:


  Undergraduate Level Academic Data

     General Undergraduate Enrollment Statistics

        Undergraduate Enrollment History

        Fall 2013 Undergraduate Enrollment by Class, Age, and Gender

        Undergraduate Students from Under-Represented Racial/Ethnic Cultural Populations

     Admissions and Financial Aid Statistics for Undergraduate Students

        Application History of First-Year Undergraduate Students

        Average Test Scores of First-Year Undergraduate Students

        Financial Aid for First-Year Undergraduate Students

        Financial Aid for All Undergraduate Students

     Retention and Graduation Statistics of Undergraduate Students

        New Undergraduate Student Retention and Graduation Rates

        New Undergraduate Student Retention and Graduation Rates by Gender and SUR/ECP

        Undergraduate Transfer Longitudinal Retention and Graduation Rates

        Graduates by School, Department, and Major at Undergraduate Level


  Graduate Level Academic Data

        Graduate Student Enrollment History

        Graduates by Major, Educational Goal, and Concentration at Graduate Student Level


  Financial Data

        Undergraduate Semester Fees


  Alumni Data

        Post-Graduation Activities of 2012 Graduates


The complete Fact Book can be accessed here by the internal campus community:

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