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Residence Life at Messiah College

Special Interest

House RA

position snapshot


RA position description



The position of the Special Interest House (SIH) Resident Assistant is designed to enhance the living experience of all SIH residents, to improve consistency in all campus residential living, and to aid Residence Life and the Assistant Director of SIH in program development and administrative tasks.


  • Have and keep a 2.5 cumulative grade point average
  • Have completed at least 1 year as a full-time enrolled student at Messiah College by the beginning of RA training
  • Desire to live and participate in a Special Interest house
  • Maintain communication with your RD when you plan to be off-campus overnight (especially on weekends)


  • Proactively connect with your residents; know all residents by name and house.
  • Role model a commitment to Messiah College standards, healthy relationships and respect for others.
  • Serve as the communication liaison between the College and the Houses (Facilities, Housing, etc.)
  • Proactively respond to situations in the Houses (relational concerns, roommate tension, potential safety, maintenance and policy concerns)
  • Care for yourself – do what you need to do to maintain your health (spiritual, physical, emotional, etc.)
  • Other responsibilities as requested by your Residence Director, Director of Residence Life and/or Director of Housing


  • Attend 1:1s with your RD
  • Turn in completed paperwork (as per your RD expectations)
  • Go on "Walk"
    • Visit two houses per week at random
    • Track house visits in Excel sheet
    • Report any issues to your RD/the RD on call if needed


  • Complete and turn in reports as assigned by your RD
  • Plan and implement community building programs for House residents
  • Fire Extinguisher checks and toilet paper distribution
  • Support House Programming
    • Attend existing House programming (community dinners, etc.) when possible


  • Welcome new residents!
  • Participate in all training activities (August training, J-term Training, all-RA meetings, leadership initativies)
  • Prepare housing inventory forms for new residents
  • Work hall opening (First year and Upper Class move in, key tables, greet residents)
  • Work hall closings (check outs, storage, etc. at Christmas, Spring Break, May closing)
  • Enroll in and attend the RA class (first-time RAs only, fall semester)
  • Complete performance review with your RD
  • Design, Invite Residents and Lead all floor/section meetings: August, December, February & April


  • Attend day retreat with RD
  • Attend Leadership banquet
  • Complete RD evaluations
  • Participate in RA hiring process (i.e. – Carousel night & SIH RA interviews)
  • Assist with SIH/Harrisburg Recruitment
    • Prepare for and attend Opportunities/Leadership Fair (February) and assist with House review
    • Asisst with posters, videos and other advertising


Average breakdown per week or RA position*

Job Responsibility Description Hours
Meetings One on one with RD 2 hours
Administrative Duties House visits, work orders, etc. 2-3 hours
Programming Planning, advertising, cleaning up 2-3 hours
Connecting with Residents Intentional Connection, supporting House programs & community dinners, lunch/dinner/coffee with residents, etc. 5-7 hours
Total   12-15 hours

*Keep in mind this is an average represenation over the course of the semester. Each week can look different.