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2012 Closing Information!


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General Check-out Information


  • When you check-out, your room or apartment should be clean and empty.  No items should be in the hallway.  See your check-out doortag for specific instructions of what to do to prepare for check-out.


  • Unless you are a graduating senior, you are expected to move out 24 hours after your last final.  If there is a legitimate reason you need to stay beyond that, please fill out an Extended Stay Form.


  • CHECK-OUT SCHEDULE – Schedule a check-out time with your RA by Noon on MAY 2! Failure to sign up for a check-out time will result in a $10/day fine. Available times to sign up are:

Thursday, May 3: 4 - 5:30 pm

Friday, May 4: 2:00 - 4:30 pm

Saturday, May 5: noon - 2:00 p.m.

Sunday, May 6: by appointment only

Monday, May 7 & Tuesday, May 8: 9 – 11 am; 1 – 4 pm; 6 – 8 pm

Wednesday, May 9: 9 – 11 am


  • Two Steps for Check-Out

1.  A Residence Life staff member will come to your room/apartment and will do a thorough inspection for damage and cleanliness. 

2.  You will then take your key and RCI/ACI to the appropriate the check-out station to review any damages/charges with an RD.  


  • Check-out Stations Will Be in the Following Two Locations:

North Complex, Smith, Kelly, Fry & Naugle: Fishbowl

South Complex, Mellinger, Witmer & Special Interest Houses: South Side Café


    • After all occupants have moved out, the RD will do a final inspection.  If the room/apartment does not pass final inspection and/or the resident(s) has (have) not completely followed the check-out procedures, the RD will assess any charges.  All billing notifications will be sent to your Messiah email account from the Office of Residence Life and charges will appear on your billing statement from the Business Office.


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