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Residence Life at Messiah College


Specific Graduation Day Info


Schedule Your Check-out online

Saturday, May 17, check-outs will be done between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 – 7:00 pm. 

Sign up for a North Side Saturday check-out (North Complex, Naugle, Fry, Kelly & Smith)

Sign up for a South Side Saturday check-out (South Complex, Witmer, Mellinger & Special Interest Houses)


On Sunday, May 18 check-outs will be done from 9:00 – 11:00 am.  Check-outs on Sunday are by exception only - for those who live a distance away and for summer workers.

Sign up for a Sunday check-out time.


You MUST sign up for a check-out appointment by noon on Wednesday, May 7



Cleaning Expectation – We expect you to clean your apartment. You will be provided with instructions on how to clean the apartment and a division of labor among the roommates.


Traffic – On graduation day, you should anticipate long traffic lines and parking will be limited. You will NOT be able to bring your car to the front of your building until later afternoon on Saturday.  We strongly encourage seniors to pack their vehicles prior to commencement to expedite the moving process. 



Important Dates

April 30 & May 1 - Current storage items must be removed, 7-9 pm

May 7 - 13– Items may be placed in summer storage, 7-9 pm

May 6 - Last day of classes

May 7 - Reading Day

          Extended Stay Forms Due

 24 hour quiet hours begin, 8:00 pm

 Last day to sign-up for a check-out appointment

May 8 - 13– Final Exams

May 14– Residence Halls & Apartments close at Noon for non-grads

May 17 – Commencement;  Check-out from 1:30 - 8:00 pm

May 18 – Halls & Apts. close for Academic Year, 11 am


August 28– New and transfer students arrive

August 31 – Upper-class students can move in

September 2 – Classes Begin, 8 am



Potential Consequences

These are the things we’d rather not implement, but the reality is Messiah College is a good-sized school and we don’t have time to clean up after 2,000+ students.   Our expectations are outlined in this booklet and if you fail to do what is expected, these are the consequences you may face:


Leaving items in storage after May 1– Items will be donated to Goodwill. (You may take items out of storage Tuesday, April 30th and Wednesday, May 1 from 7-9pm by contacting the RA on duty.)


Being late for your check-out appointment – you will need to sign up for the next available check-out slot. The second time you’ll be charged $25


Failure to check-out - $50


Common Area Damages – charges are divided among all residents of floor or section unless one or more people take responsibility for the damage.


Damage to room or furniture – determined by RDs and Facility Services.  A list of furniture and repair costs is available in the Office of Residence Life. 


Leaving a dirty room or apartment - $10 - $160 to cover the cost of extra cleaning done by the Campus Events staff.


Lost Key - $75


Staying (non-graduates) more than 24 hours after your last final without approval OR (graduates) not being out of your room or apartment by 11 am on Sunday, May 18 – $75 for staying past the deadline plus $25 for every hour after that.



Visitation Hours


Same as normal.

Summer visitation hours (12 p.m. – 12 a.m.) begin Sunday, May 18



Your Last Meal is


Non-graduating students – Dinner on Tuesday, May 13

Extended Stay students – You or your sponsor will need to

            pay for your meals

Summer Workers – Summer meal plans begin May 14

Graduating Seniors – Continental Breakfast, Saturday, May 17


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