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Undergraduate Summer 2014 Housing Contract

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All summer student employees whose job does not require them to live on campus will have applicable federal, state and/or local taxes withheld from paychecks on the taxable, non-cash value of room and board amount based on the category listed above. Students who are uncertain if the job requires living on campus should review the above list of jobs or contact the job supervisor

  • Room and board fees will be posted to student bills at the beginning of the summer
  • For student employees working less than 40 hours/week during any part of the summer. Payment is due for any week the student is occupying the room. Occupancy is determined by the student having a key for and/or keeping belongs in the room.
  • Students are required to move on May 18 and August 15-16. Any students needing an exception must make their request before May 1 (for the May move) and before August 1 (for the August move). Any exceptions that are granted after May 1/August 1 will be charged a $25 fee.
  • Keys must be returned to the College when individuals terminate residence and/or at the end of their work assignment. Lost key charge is $75
  • By signing this contract you agree to abide by the Community Covenant and the Policies stated in the Student Handbook.

I have read all of the information on this housing contract and my selection below acknowledges that I accept (or do not accept) the dates and terms contained here.

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