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Residence Life at Messiah College

RA Roommate Agreement

An agreement that helps manage expectations of RAs & their Roommates

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The Residence Life department’s hope is that an RA and his/her roommate will have a friendship and roommate relationship that can be encouraging and supportive for both the RA and the roommate(s).  However, there are some unique expectations that an RA’s roommate(s) may face and we don’t want any student to go into this situation without understanding what the year may hold.  While we can’t predict everything that will happen throughout the year here are some things that you can expect:

  • The roommate(s) of an RA are not expected to be the RA, the assistant RA or the substitute RA. 
  • There may be times that a student from the floor/section may come to the room/apartment to talk to the RA and the roommate may need to leave the room to allow the student some privacy with the RA.
  • The roommate(s) of an RA may overhear or be privy to some information about residents of the floor or other things the RA is processing because of his/her role.  The roommate(s) is expected to treat this information with the same level of confidentiality that the RA does.
  • The RA and the roommate(s) of an RA are expected to uphold the Community Covenant and the policies stated in the Student Handbook.
  • If conflict arises and a roommate of an RA feels that they cannot talk directly to the RA he/she should talk with an RD about the situation.
  • If a roommate conflict cannot be resolved, the roommate of the RA will be expected to move because the RA is required to live on/in the floor/section they are currently assigned to.
  • The RA and roommate(s) are encourage to complete a roommate living preferences survey that will be provided by the RD by the first week in September.
  • In order to create a peaceful roommate atmosphere for both the roommate(s) and the RA, all living in the room/apartment are encouraged to meet with the RD at the end of September to discuss expectations and evaluate their living situation.


I have read over the expectations and understand what is expected of me as the roommate of an RA and by my selection of 'I Agree' and my student ID number I am voluntarily signing it electronically on this date: .


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