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Room Condition Inventory Form



This form is intended for students who are living on-campus for the fall of 2010 and arrive before the RA has checked in the room

Room Condition Inventory (RCI) Form


* denotes a required field.

Building & Room Number:
*Student ID #:
*Student Last Name: *First Name: MI:
* Email Address:
Cell Phone #:

Instructions! Note the general condition in all areas. Your RA will also go through your room, but please especially note if there is damage that will be covered by furniture or wall hangings. If there is no damage simply write "no damage".

Walls & Ceilings - Note any medium or large holes or marks

Is the Accustat broken?

If broken please describe:

Please note general condition of the closets

Are the closet doors both attached?

Door - Please note general condition

Floor - Please note medium or large stains or burns

Windows - Note any cracks or breaks.

Are SCREENS torn, bent or missing?

If yes, please explains:

Beds & Mattresses - Note any tears or stains in mattress

Desks & Desk Chairs - Note if drawers do not work. Also note any medium or large scratches or stains on desk or chair

Dressers - Note if drawers do not work. Also note any medium or large scratches or marks on dresser

Bookshelves - Number of shelves?

Note any damage or major scratches:

I have evaluted the conditon of the above room and it's furnishings. I accept responsibility for their care. As a member of the living area, I also accept responsibility for the condition and furnishings of my lounge, restroom, and other public areas until my check-out from the residence.






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