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Reconciliation House Application


Special Interest House applications are due by Monday, March 3, 2014

Any questions about this application should be directed to Matt Sider

The Reconciliation House is part of the Peace & Conflict Studies (PACS) program; however, the house is open to students of all majors who are interested in issues of reconciliation & social justice. The Reconciliation House is specifically for men. Women who are interested in these issues are encouraged to apply to the e Social Justice "SoJo" House.


* denotes a required field.

*Email address?
*Which semester(s) are you applying to live in the house?

*1. Why are you interested in living in Reconciliation House?

*2. What interests you about promoting peaceful dialogue on campus, and how do you think this can best be done?

*3. Are there issues that you are especially interested in seeing discussed in the House and on campus?

*4. What is your major, and how do you see your academic field of study interacting with your participation in Reconcilitiation House?

*5.Have you ever had a personal experience with reconciliation?

*6. If there are other students you are hoping to live with in Reconciliation House, please list their names here.


Thanks for your submission - Applications are due by Monday, March 3, 2014


Special Interest House Timeline

Monday, March 3 - Reconciliation House application due

Wednesday, March 19 - Applicants are notified by email if their application was accepted or declined

Friday, March 21 by noon - Students indicate their agreement to live in the Reconciliation House by responding with a signed Member agreement form