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Residence Life at Messiah College

Serving & Living Together (S.a.L.T.) Program at the Harrisburg Institute

S.a.L.T. House applications are due by Monday, March 3, 2014

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*1. Why are you applying for Harrisburg Housing? What do you hope to learn or gain from participating in this program?


*2. A requirement of living in SaLT House is participation in community service. Why do you think service is an important part of this program? And how might you be involved in service?

*3. Describe a time when you deliberately went beyond your comfort zone.

*4. Provide a snapshot of your anticipated on-campus involvement (including clubs, sports, teams, commitments, etc.) for the upcoming year.

*5. Please list an on-campus faculty or staff reference we may contact.


Thanks for your submission - Applications are due by Monday, March 3, 2014. Any questions can be directed to Kevin Williams.