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Residence Life at Messiah College

Off-Campus Housing Application

Off-Campus Policy & Application Procedure

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*Student Last Name: *First Name:
*Student ID Number: Campus Box #:

*Email Address: Date of Birth
Cell Phone #: Total Number of completed credits (do NOT include AP/CLEP credits):
Current Housing Assignment (if living on campus) Current Hall/Apt.: Room #:
Proposed Roommate(s):

Please state your reason for applying for off-campus housing (Please read the off-campus policy)

Make mark the items below that are true:

I have read the off-campus policy & procedure.

I checked with the Financial Aid Offive regarding the affect living off campus will have on my aid package

I understand that to complete my application my parent/guardian must submit an email indicating their support for me to live off-campus to Rhonda King at

I have completed 57 credits

I understand that to complete my application I must attend an off-campus orientation (the assistant director of residence life - housing will contact you about scheduling this after your application has been approved).

I am in good standing with the college, meaning I am not on any probations (academic, discipline and/or chapel) and I have not had any drug or alcohol violations as a Messiah College student.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT enter into a lease agreement before receiving approval from the Residence Life Office.

Please provide your landlord information below or when it becomes available to our office:

Landlord's Name


Landlord's Phone Number


Apartment Complex Name & Address


Off-Campus Policy & Procedure

Local Rentals