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Special Interest Proposal Form


Special Interest House applications are due by Monday, March 3, 2014


* denotes a required field.

*Name of person submitting proposal:

*Email address of person submitting proposal:

*Special Interest House Name (theme):

*Advisor's Name (please let your advisor know that we will be sending him/her an advisor agreement to sign) :

*Sponsoring Department, Club or Organization


*1. Please provide a brief overview and purpose/mission statement of the proposed program for the Special Interest House.

*2. Write about the club(s), department(s) or organization(s) the students in the house will be connected with and how the club, department or organization will enhance the learning that takes place among the students in the house.

*3. Please explain your choice of advisor and how he/she will contribute and/or support learning about the theme of the special interest house.

*4. Describe specific examples of in-house commitments, meetings, discussions or practices that will further educate the house residents about your theme.

*5. For Current/Continuing Programs ONLY - Please describe what your house has done during the current year to learn together and support your house theme. If you did not meet one or more of the expectations, please explain why you believe your theme should be selected. Also, please indicate which practices will continue next year.

*7. Please list the names of the students that you anticipate living in the house. Note: To live in a special interest house students are required to have completed 57 credits by the end of spring semester, they must be free of any probations (discipline, chapel or academic) and they may not have any past alcohol or tobacco violations.


*8. Identify the house(s) you would prefer with an explanation on how that house would best suit the needs of your house's theme. The house options are below. Select all that apply (hold 'ctrl' to select more than one):



Explanation of how the selected house(s) would best suit the needs of your house theme:

Thanks for your submission - Applications are due by Monday, March 3, 2014


Special Interest House Timeline

Tuesday, February 4 - Rafiki House, Reconciliation House & Restoration House applications will be online.

Monday, February 17 - Special Interest videos will be posted

Monday, March 3 - Special Interest Housing proposal forms and applications and Advisor Forms are due

Wednesday, March 19 - Applicants are notified by email if their application and proposal was accepted or declined

Friday, March 21 by noon - Member agreement forms are due from students who were invited to live in a special interest house.