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Residence Life at Messiah College

Housing Appeals


If a student wishes to appeal how a housing policy or decision affects him or her personally (example: living in an apartment with less than 57 credits; denied for off-campus housing) there are two venues to pursue an appeal.

1. The Housing Appeals Board will be made up of Peer Review Board members. The board hears situations from students who wish to appeal a housing standard for housing sign-ups.

2. The Associate Dean of Students – considers all appeals that are not related to housing sign-ups as well as any appeals requesting that a Housing Appeals Board decision be overturned.

To appeal:

1. Appeals should only be made by students with an unusual or exceptional situation.

2. If you are appealing to live in an apartment a written appeal should be submitted to Rhonda King, assistant director of residence life - housing, explaining the reasons an exception should be made. Appeals for a one bedroom apartment should be submitted by Sunday, March 16, 2014 and appeals to live in a two bedroom (5 person) apartment should be submitted by Tuesday, March 25, 2014.

3. The student submitting an appeal may be invited to meet with the Housing Appeals Board.

4. The Housing Appeals Board will read the written appeal and may meet with the student who is appealing. The student will be notified within three business days of the meeting of the Housing Appeals Board. (appeals submitted by March 16 will receive notification by March 27; appeals submitted by March 25 will receive notification by April 2.)