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Residence Life at Messiah College

Housing Sign-Up Frequently Asked Questions



1.  What if I think the credit hours on my notice are wrong?   First, your credits will NOT be updated on Housebook until you sign your housing contract. If you believe your credit total is still incorrect, please forward your notice to with an explanation of what you believe to be wrong and we will verify your credit total.


2.  What if I can’t come to apartment sign ups?  Only one person from an apartment unit (or a chosen proxy) has to be at apartment sign ups.


3.  What if I’m studying abroad and can’t come to apartment sign ups?  You will want to forward the Notice you receive via email to one of your future roommates or a proxy.  See Proxy explanation.


4.  What if I’m going abroad for the fall, but I want to live with my friend when I return?  Ideally, you’ll be able to find someone to live in your spot during fall semester who will be leaving for the spring semester.  However, sometimes students don’t know yet if they’ll be gone for the spring semester and unfortunately you cannot save an empty spot so you may not be able to arrange this.  Students can change spots at the end of the semester, so if a room or spot becomes open at the end of the semester you may be able to figure out a way to live with your friend when you return.


5.  What if I can’t sign my contract and/or get my PIN number & time slot?  Please contact the Residence Life Office at or 717-796-5239 and we will help you get the information you need.


6.  What if I want to live with one of my friends who will be going abroad during the first semester?  See the answer to question #4.


7.  What if I want to live with someone who is studying abroad right now?  If you are signing up for an apartment your friend can forward you the Notice he/she received via email and you may use that to sign up for an apartment.  If you are signing up for a residence hall your friend can sign up online just like you do OR he/she can give you his/her PIN and you can sign both of you up for a room.


8.  What if I don’t have a roommate or we need another person to live in our apartment?  Go on to Housebook and on the left side you will see a Roommate Finder link.  You can sign up to find a roommate or another person to share your apartment.  Or, you can leave your information so that other individuals or groups who need a roommate can contact you.


9.  Does our apartment or room have to be full when we sign up?  Yes.  No exceptions will be made. 


10.  What if I want to live with an incoming transfer student?  Please contact Rhonda King, director of housing, at about your request.  Your friend who is transferring in will also need to email Rhonda to confirm that he/she wants to live with you.  Incoming transfer students will all live together on Miller basement (men) or Grantham Ground (women).  If a transfer lives with you the two of you most likely will NOT live on the transfer floor.


11.  What is a proxy?  A proxy is someone who signs up someone else for housing if they are not able to be present for any part of the housing process. See the proxy page for more info.


 12. What if I want to live in an apartment, but I don't have 57 credits? If you have a compelling reason for why you an exception should be made for you (not just "I want to live with my friends") please check out the housing appeals process.