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Residence Life at Messiah College

Local Rentals


Only a limited number of students are approved to live off-campus each year. However, we maintain this site of local rental options for students who are approved to live off-campus or for those who wish to live locally after graduation. We do not endorse or promote any of the sites below, only list them as a resource.


If you are a current student and wish to apply to live off-campus please read the off-campus housing policy and fill out an application. If you are a local landlord and wish to submit a description and contact information please fill out the rental form and the information will be kept in a binder for students and employees to refer to.


These are some sites that list local apartments (mostly in apartment complexes) and do not charge a fee:




Padmapper - map-based housing search site

Trulia - includes houses and apartment complexes


Rent to own programs:

Home Star Search



Here is a invaluable student renter's guide that will help you as you step out on your own.