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Residence Life at Messiah College

Clustering Details & FAQs


Students may apply for a block of rooms (called clusters) in all of the upper class halls (Grantham, Hess, Miller, Mountain View & Solly).  You may apply for a cluster of rooms that consists of 3, 4, 5 or 6 rooms.  Clusters are simply rooms that are on the same hall that allow students to maintain their community.  In Miller & Hess all of the rooms, except for the singles and RA rooms are eligible for clustering.  In Mountain View & Grantham 50% of the double rooms will go to clustering and 75% of the triple rooms will go toward clustering. In Solly up to 60% of each floor is available for clustering. 


To apply for a cluster:

  1.  One of your group members will need to log onto Housebook. On the left side of the screen there is a "Cluster Request' link. Click on this link.

  2. Enter each roommate's PIN number, the building/floor preference of the cluster and the number of doubles and triples needed to house the cluster.

  3. After submitting all of the PINs each group member will see the group they have been entered with when they click on 'Cluster Request'.

  4. All cluster requests must be filled out on Wednesday, April 2 or Thursday, April 3. Groups will be notified by Friday, April 11 about if their group has been assigned to a cluster of rooms.

  5. Groups will need to respond by Monday, April 14 with (1) their acceptance of the cluster assignment and (2) a list of who will be rooming with who.


FAQs about clustering

Why is the amount of clustering increasing?

There are two main reasons, the first is that the Residence Life department believes that students have a better college experience, grow more as people and have better relationships when they live with the same people during their college career. The second reason is that students have expressed the desire to live with their friends. First year floors have repeatedly asked for a way to continue living as a floor. Clustering makes it possible for students to continue their floor community from one year to the next.


How will you determine which cluster to give priority to in making assignments?

The clusters credits will be added together and divided by the number of people in the cluster to give an average number.  The cluster with the highest number will be given first priority and the cluster with the lowest number will be given the lowest priority.



What if the process is competitive and our group does not get assigned a cluster?

After cluster assignments are made there will be an opportunity for students to sign up for individual rooms.


How many spaces are available in clustering?

In Miller & Hess all of the double rooms will be available for clustering.

In Solly 60% of the spaces will be available for clustering.

In Grantham & Mountain View 50% of the double rooms and 75% of the triple rooms will be available for clustering.



Can a cluster sign up for a quad?

The only quads available to upper class students are in Solly.  Half of the quads will be available to clusters if they request that.  The other half will be available to sign up for individual groups.


What if we just want to live together even if we don’t get our first three building/floor choices?

There will be a spot on Housebook where you can indicate that you want to live together even if you don’t get one of your top three choices.  Also, an offer for a cluster will be given to you and you will need to respond within 24 hours with (1) if you will accept the cluster offer and (2) who will room with who.


I’m going to be a junior and it’s not fair that a sophomore cluster might get to live in Mountain View  or Grantham and I might not get to live there.

In an effort to ease into more clustering on our campus, we are going to maintain similar percentages of sophomores wanting to cluster in Grantham and Mountain View. This would mean that sophomores wanting to cluster in Grantham and Mountain View would be given the opprotunity to cluster in about 30% of the rooms in these two buildings. Sophomores will also increase their chances of getting into Mountain View or Grantham if they create cluster groups that use triple rooms.

Our hope is that as clustering becomes more popular that we will not need to monitor which group is placed in which building. In the former housing sign-up system it would be an injustice for a person with fewer credits to take the space of a person with more credits.   However, we are taking baby steps to move to a housing sign-up system that focuses on community and continuity of relationships, so it gives a higher priority to community in the upper class halls than individuals getting a more desirable room.


I have a roommate, but don’t know anyone to cluster with, what should I do?

You have two options.  The first is to wait until clustering assignments are made and then sign up for one of the rooms that have not been assigned for clustering.  Your other option is to find two other roommate pairs that are in the same situation as you and form a cluster.  We prefer that you live in a cluster with people you actually know and like to continue building a stronger history and community.