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Commuter Definition:
A commuter student is a student who is living locally (within a 50-mile distance) and at least one of the following criteria applies:

  1. The student is living locally with parents
  2. The student is living locally with family members (i.e. grandparents, aunts/uncles)
  3. The student is classified as having independent status by the Office of Financial Aid and is living locally.
  4. The student is married
  5. The student is 23 or older


If you meet any of the above criteria your commuter status is valid for the academic year. You will need to notify the Office of Residence Life in writing and provide the following:

  1. Your local address
  2. The name and relationship of the person(s) with whom you are residing.
  3. Sign a Commuter Contract stating the following:


"I agree that I meet the definition of a commuter student. Furthermore, if I no longer meet the definition I will notify the Office of  Residence Life. Additionally,  I will meet any on-campus housing requirements if necessary.  Additionally, I agree to abide by the policies, rules and regulation in the Community Covenant and the current Student Handbook. I agree to keep my commuter information (address and phone number) updated. "


If you do not meet the above criteria you will be need to meet the on-campus residency requirement. Additionally, if the granting criteria changes, you must notify the Office of Residence Life and may be subject to meet the on-campus residency requirement.


If you should have questions please contact our office at (717) 796- 5239.


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