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Apply for Housing in Harrisburg


Summer Housing | Fall or Spring Housing


Summer Housing Application

Current class year:
Preferred roommates:

Note: Most apartments are 4-person/2-bedrooms. If you only have one roommate listed, you may be paired with another pair.

Reason for wanting to live in Harrisburg Summer Housing:

Desired Length of Stay in Harrisburg Housing (mid-May through August):

*preference will be given to students interested in all three months




Apply for Fall or Spring


Applications due March 1st for Fall Semester;  Nov 1st for Spring Semester


Serving and Living Together (SaLT) Program at the Harrisburg Institute


Current class level:
Expected Year of Graduation:
Current Housing:

I am applying for housing for:
Entire year (Fall & Spring)
Fall Only
Spring Only
Are you planning on having a vehicle in Harrisburg?
Yes No
Proposed Roommate: ID#:
Proposed Roommate: ID#:
Proposed Roommate: ID#:
Why are you applying for Harrisburg Housing? What do you hope to learn or gain from participating in this program?

A requirement of living in SaLT House is participation in community service. Why do you think service is an important part of this program? And how might you be involved in service?

Describe a time when you deliberately went beyond your comfort zone.
Provide a snapshot of your anticipated on-campus involvement (including clubs, sports, teams, commitments, etc.) for the upcoming year.
Please list an on-campus, faculty or staff reference we may contact.


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