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Residence Life at Messiah College

2014-2015 Residence Hall Sign-up Info


Housebook, Timeslots & PINs – Residence Hall Sign-ups use the online system Housebook.   The procedure to find and sign-up on Housebook is listed below.  Your first step will be to log-on to Housebook and sign your housing contract (directions are below).  After you sign your contract you will receive an email notice with your timeslot that is a date/time indicating the earliest time you can select housing online (similar to course registration, this time is based on earned credit hours without AP/CLEP credits). It is important that you retain this email.

The credit hour system is in place to be equitable for all students. Students who choose to manipulate the process to gain an unfair advantage will be subject to student disciplinary procedures and that student and their apartment/room will automatically lose their chosen housing assignment and be placed on the waiting list. Manipulation includes but is not limited to:

  1. Signing up for a room with a person you do not intend to live with in order to reserve rooms for your friends on the floor
  2. Signing up for an apartment, then signing up for a residence hall room
  3. Giving more than one group your credit number and PIN for apartment sign-ups

2014 Schedule for Housebook

April 17 – those with 87+ credits
April 22 & 23–  those with 57+ credits
April 24 -25– those with 24+ credits
April 28– those with 23 or fewer credits

PIN numbers and times for sign-ups are randomly predetermined around class schedule, similarly to the way course registration times are assigned.


Cluster Housing in All Upper Class Residence Halls- Students may apply for a block of rooms (called clusters) in Grantham, Hess, Miller, Mountain View & Solly. The clusters will consist of 3, 4, 5 or 6 rooms. Clusters are simply rooms that are near each other on the same floor. For directions and additional details please see the clustering webpage. Cluster requests are to be submitted through Housebook on April 2-3.


Signing Up With a Roommate – You MUST have a roommate to sign up for a room (unless you are signing up for a single), which means you will either need to give someone your PIN to sign you up or you will need to get someone’s PIN who has agreed to be your roommate. 


If You Need a Roommate . . .  – If you need help finding a roommate, check out the Roommate Finder in the left margin of Housebook.  You can sign up to find a roommate or another person to share your apartment.  Or, you can leave your information so that other individuals or groups who need a roommate can contact you.


Note to Current First Year Students – the last four years we have had a waiting list for first year students.  If this happens please do not panic.   You will leave your name and roommate’s name with the housing office and your building preference.  You will temporarily be placed in a lounge in Naugle or Witmer until a room open over the summer.  In the past everyone on the waiting list has been placed in a room before returning to campus.


**NOTE** - If you have already signed up for an apartment you CANNOT sign up for a residence hall room. If you sign up for both, you will lose your residence hall spot.

How to Sign Your Housing Contract

How to Sign Up for a Room on Housebook

1. Log on to MC Square on or after March 24 1. Get on Housebbok (see directions in left column)
2. Click on the Student - Home Tab 2. Click on the "My Room" link
3. Click on the Residence Life & Housing Link located in the Quick Links section 3. Select an available room
4. Click on the Housebook Link 4. Enter the PIN of your roommate(s)
5. Click on "My Contract" 5. You will receive a confirmation email of your assignment.
6. Read and sign contract  

CAUTION:  Your PIN is your key into the housing system.  Sharing your PIN with another (like a potential roommate) gives them permission to make housing arrangements for you.


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