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Residence Life at Messiah College

2014-2015 Housing Sign-up Information

Only students enrolling for Fall 2014 are eligible for housing selection


Housing Timeline

Changes & Announcements for 2014-2015

March 3



March 4

Special Interest House applications due


Medical Housing applications due



1. If you have a financial hold on your account you will not be able to sign up for housing until the hold is resolved. Even if YOU do not have a hold please check with your roommates because you will not be able to hold a space for a roommate with a hold.

If you do not have a significant hold (<$1000) please contact Student Financial Services to set up a paymet plan that may allow your hold to be lifted.

March 24 Housing contracts available to sign on Housebook. Receive PIN, Timeslot & Credit total 2. Cluster housing will occur in Hess, Miller, Solly, Grantham & Mountain View. Cluster housing allows groups of students to sign up for a block of rooms. Please see the cluster page for more details.
March 27-28 Verification on Housebook for one bedroom apartments 3. Both Miller & Hess will be co-ed next year. Two floors of men and two floors of women in both halls.
March 30 Spring Forward 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. 4. Once you sign up for a housing assignment you are locked into your selection and will need to contact the housing office to make a change.
March 31 One bedroom apartment sign-ups in BRUBAKER AUDITORIUM (not Parmer Cinema) 5. When signing up for a residence hall room or apartment you will be required to fill it to maximum occupancy to reserve it.
March 31- April 1 Verification on Housebook for two bedroom apartments 6. If you need to find a roommate please use the Roommate Finder in the left margin on Housebook. You can post your own profile or see who else is looking for a roommate.
April 2 Two bedroom apartment sign-ups in BRUBAKER AUDITORIUM (not Parmer Cinema) 7. If you have an unusual situation and believe an exception should be made for you please check out the housing appeals process.
April 2-3 Housebook open for cluster housing requests 8. See below for other housing sign-up details.
April 11 Cluster groups will be notified about their cluster assignment  
April 14 Cluster groups respond with their acceptance of their cluster assignment  
April 17 Housebook opens for room sign-ups based on credit level  


1. Participate in SPRING FORWARD

This event will take place on Sunday, March 30 from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.  Each upper class hall & apartment building will have selected rooms and apartments you can tour so you have a good idea what room or apartment you’d like to sign up for.  Floor plans & brochures will be available in the Fishbowl and the Mountain View lobby.


The housing descriptions and housing prices for 2014–15 housing options are just a few clicks away.  Please note, only students with 57 credits (not including AP & CLEP credits) or more are eligible to live in on-campus apartments.



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2. Sign your Housing Contract

Beginning March 24 - please read & sign your housing contract.  All students must sign a housing contract even those living off-campus and those studying abroad.  Read the entire contract to understand what you are agreeing to.  The housing contract contains important information related to rights & responsibilities, residence openings/closings, etc. If you have a hold on your account Housebook will not allow you to sign your contract. You will want to contact Student Financial Services about your account.


How to Sign Your Housing Contract

1. Log onto MC Square on or after March 24

4. Click on the Housebook link

2. Click on the Student - Home Tab

5. Click on "My Contract"

3. Click on the Residence Life & Housing Link located in the Quick Links section

6. Read and sign


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3. Receive NOTICE of PIN Number, Room Selection Time & Credit Hour Confirmation 

Once your housing contract is signed, you will receive an email notice to your college email account from the Housing Office providing you with a PIN Number, Room Selection Time, and Credit Hour confirmation.  Any AP/CLEP Credits you have will NOT be included in your Credit Hour total.  It is important that you retain this email.        

 The credit hour system is in place to be equitable for all students.   Students who choose to manipulate the process to gain an unfair advantage will be subject to student disciplinary procedures and will automatically lose their chosen housing assignment.  Manipulation includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Signing up for a room with a person that you do not intend to live with in order to reserve rooms for your friends on the floor.

  2. Giving more than one group your credit number and PIN for apartment sign-ups

  3. Signing up for an apartment, then signing up for a residence hall room


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