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Special Interest Houses

Information & Application


There are 8 houses on or near campus where students can live and learn together about a common theme. There are some house themes that have been around for several years and there are some that change every year. Check out the philosophy behind each special interest house, or read up on the blogs from current residents to learn more. We invite you to apply!

There are two ways to apply for a special interest house. Applications need to be submitted by [2015 date to be determined].

  1. If you're interested in a program that has been in extistence for several years, you need to apply as an individual and you can find those applications below.

    Rafiki House

    Reconcilation House

    Restoration Houses (both male & female applicants)

    S.a.L.T. House (in Harrisburg)

    Social Justice "SoJo" House

  2. If you have a group, an idea for a theme, and an advisor, please fill out the proposal form by [date to be determined]. If your theme has existed in past years, you may contact Rhonda King for a copy of the previously submitted proposal.  


What are the expectations of each member of the house?

  • Members meet with a Residence Life staff member before classes begin and at the end of each semester.
  • Members must follow Messiah College policies & procedures, the Community Covenant, and the House Contract.
  • Applicants and members cannot be on any probations (academic, disciplinary or chapel).
  • Members participate together in discussion groups and hands-on practice related to the theme of the house.
  • Members reflect on their experiences, submitting a blog or video by December.
  • Members respond to reflection survey in April from Assistant Director of Residence Life.
  • Advisor meets individually with a house member once a month and attends group meetings/visits at the house when possible.


To apply for an established house, use the following links:


Application, Resources & Floor Plans:


  • Applications are available online and must be submitted electronically
  • Complete applications must be received by [2015 date to be determined]
Additional Special Interest Housing Forms

House Floor Plans & Information (PDFs)

Banks House Bertram House
Foreman House Melhorn House
Rafiki House Simpson House
Woodland House East Street House ( a video of the house)