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Residence Life at Messiah College

Move-in Guide

Opening Day
Early Arrival
Telephone Service
What's in a Room
Television Service
Things You Should and Should Not Bring
Packing and Shipping
Mailing Address
Room Modifications

Opening Day

The residence halls will open on Thursday, August 28, 2014, at 9 a.m. for new incoming and transfer students. Students should first check-in at the Eisenhower Campus Center before moving in to their rooms


Returning students are scheduled to move in starting Sunday, August 31, 2014 at 1:00 p.m.

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Early Arrival
Early arrivals are reserved for students being sponsored by a campus department. Therefore, there will be very limited early arrival exceptions granted to students prior to their official arrival date.

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What's in a Room
Residence hall rooms are basically the same, regardless of the residence hall. All rooms come with the basics:

Twin bed (one per student assigned to room) Closet, wardrobe or dresser
Extra-long mattress (80” x 36”) Air-conditioning (central air or built-in units)
Desk & chair (one per student assigned to room) Cable TV connection
Carpeting Telephone and telephone connection

Window built-in shades or blinds
Bookshelves - Built-in, except Witmer and Naugle
Ethernet connection (high-speed computer
connection to the ITS computing network)

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Things You Should Bring
To protect the health and safety of everyone living in or visiting the residence halls, we cannot permit some items in the buildings. Below are some checklists to help you prepare for your move.

You Will Need to Bring:*

Pillow, bed linens and blankets (extra-long, twin-size sheets are recommended). Need help finding extra-long sheets? We can help - click here for information on Residence Hall Linens!

Click here for Residence Hall Linens!

Alarm clock*
Study lamp
Waste basket
Seasonal clothing
Clothes hangers
Bathrobe, shower shoes, towels & washcloths
Personal toiletry items & small plastic bucket to carry them
Laundry basket/bag and detergent
Umbrella & rainwear
Hair dryer*
Coffee mug, drinking cups, dishes & cutlery for snacks
Small first-aid kit
Personal prescription medications
Poster putty for hanging decorations
Extension cords* (type "S" or "SJ" or with 14-gauge wire are the minimum permitted; circuit breaker–equipped power strips are recommended)

You May Want to Bring:
Radio, TV, VCR/DVD, CD player*
Inexpensive camera, film & batteries
Decorative throw rug
Small sewing kit
Bicycle (with a GOOD lock)
Sport & recreation equipment
Microwave* (no larger than a compact size)
Refrigerator* (size not to exceed five cubic feet)
Personal computer* (For more information, see
If bringing a computer and sharing a room with roommate(s), one HUB will be needed
Snack food & beverages
Cleaning supplies
Ironing board & iron*
Deck of cards and board games

You Should Leave These Things at Home (they are prohibited):
Pets (small non-carnivorous fish are the only "pets" permitted)
Incense and incense burners
Halogen lights/bulbs and lamps and the five arm lamps with plastic lamp shades
Firearms of any kind and all others items classified as weapons
Fireworks, explosives, etc.
  Five or six arm lamps with plastic lamp shades
Combustible liquids
Power tools
Camping stoves
Ovens, toaster, stoves, charcoal grills, hot plates & immersion coils for heating water
Electric open-coil heaters or any appliance with exposed burners
Any other items that are in conflict with the College’s identity or mission. (Please refer to the student handbook for a complete explanations of residence life/housing policies)

Improper Setups or Prohibited Items-Messiah College Fire/General Safety:
Lamps that have three, five, seven, or more lights are not allowed if they have plastic shades.
Extension Chords (Power strips with a reset switches are allowed)
Electrical outlet expanders without a reset button
Open coil appliances such as toasters, space heaters, or air conditioning units
Walls may not be more than 20% covered
Lights cannot be covered by cloth, paper, or other cover
Christmas lights cannot be covered by cloth or paper
Lights may not be hung by metal or coated metal hooks. However, they may be hung with plastic hooks
Blankets or dividers cannot hang from the ceiling
Any damaged or frayed chord. Tape is not an acceptable fix
bed risers must be made of high density polyethylene that holds 1,200 lbs. The bed cannot be raised more than 6 inches

*All electrical appliances must be: (1) Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed; (2) equipped with thermostatic controls when appropriate; and (3) rated at 700 watts (six AMPS) or less. Extension cords and surge strips and protectors using the new LCDI technology, such as Fire Shield®, are strongly recommended.

**You do not need to bring a desk and chair as they are provided for each student and we do not have room to store any furniture.

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Packing and Shipping
You don't need to bring everything at once. Most students typically bring much more with them than they will need. There is no storage space outside of your room in the residence halls. Several residence halls do not have elevators. It is better to pack a number of moderately-sized boxes that can be carried by one person than a few larger boxes that need two or three people to carry them. You may choose to ship some of your belongings. We will not be able to accept shipments before August 17. . When addressing your items, please be sure to include your name and box number. Your box number must be on all mail and packages that you receive at Messiah College. Your box number may be found in MCSquare in early August when you log in. Your address should be:
Your Name
Messiah College
Your Unit Number
One College Avenue
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

You can claim your packages through the post office on the first floor of Eisenhower during normal business hours after your arrival. If you decide to have a moving company bring your things, please note that they will not have access to your room. They can not move in your belongings until you arrive and check in to your residence hall.

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Mailing Address
To get your U.S. mail without delay, it needs a street address and a four-digit zip code extension. A correctly written address includes:
Your Name
Messiah College
Your Unit Number
One College Avenue
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
  Jamie Doe
Messiah College
Unit 9999
One College Avenue
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

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New students: Please note there is no storage available prior to your arrival to campus on day, Thursday, August 28

Returning students: Please note that if you stored your personal belongings in a college storage area, you will only be able to gain access to those spaces during designated times for each building. Storage hours will be posted in each building for specific times during the first two weeks of classes. Access to storage units will not be granted by the maintenance staff or campus events staff. Additionally, for all students, if you choose to place your belongings in your room without physically occupying the room, the College will not assume any responsible for any damages, missing or broken belongings.

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In-room or public network jacks
There is a wired network connection in each room in the residence halls and public jacks are available in base of the benches located in the hallways of Boyer Hall, in Larson Student Union and in Falcon Services.  For information such as minimum system requirements and connecting to the Messiah network, visit the Web site

Information Technology Services (ITS) is pleased to announce the availability of wireless internet service in all Residence Halls and all Academic Buildings.   We are in the process of completing outside wireless access across campus.  The wireless card in your laptop will automatically detect the campus wireless networks.  When given a list of networks, choose "MC-Open" for general access.  If you have had your PC configured by Student Computer Services, your wireless network connection is automatic.  When you open your browser for the first time, you will first be asked to register your laptop on our network.  This is done by a prompt to enter your Messiah username and password before allowing access to the Internet. For more information, please visit the ITS Web site:

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Telephone Service
A telephone and telephone service in the residence halls is provided. An active telephone jack in each student room, a voice mailbox for every room, and campus and local phone service are provided at no additional cost.

To make long-distance and international calls you will need to use a calling card.  Pre-paid, long-distance calling cards, with competitive domestic and international rates can be purchased at the Messiah Bookstore or at a local retailer.

For more information and questions, about telephone services please visit the Telecommunications Web site at

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Television Service
The Office of Media Services provides and monitors the cable television service in the residence halls. It includes channels covering major national networks and local stations. A cable outlet is located in every room. For a listing of channels, please visit the Media Services Web site at

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Brief Summary of Procedure for Parking Permits
(This summary is not inclusive, please visit the Department of Safety Web site for full details.)

New First-Year Students:
Parking applications must be approved before the student brings the vehicle to campus.
First-year student parking will be on a very limited basis due to the closing of the first-year lot. This closure was due to a bridge in the township being closed.

First-year students may apply for a parking permit for the following reasons:
1. Non-Traditional Student: First-year students who are 21 years old by the start of the semester.
2. Medical Need: Student will need to provide documentation from physician verifying health issues, that necessitate the use of a car.
3. Home Distance from Campus: Must live more than 250 miles from Messiah College. Messiah College refers to for verification.
4. Employment: Student must meet the following employment qualifications:
a. Must work at least one day a week for most weeks of the semester.
b. The job must be in a 40-mile radius of the campus.
c. The approval is for one semester at a time.
d. Proof of on-going employment must accompany the registration application.

Additional General Information:
On-line Parking Lottery

In mid-April a parking lottery is held for all students. Each student is assigned a random lottery number, which includes the date and time that they are permitted to register for parking assignments. Registration is conducted via MCSquare. It is at this time that they have a chance to choose any available space in an open lot. Once a lot becomes full and closes, then they have to choose an open space in another lot even if it is further from their residence. If a student attempts to register before their assigned date, then they will get ejected from the lottery process and will have to reapply for parking.

Permit Deadlines
New students are sent parking permit registration forms by the Admissions Office. New students have until August 1st of each year to submit parking registration forms to the college. A committee reviews the parking registration forms and a decision is made to approve or deny parking privileges. An e-mail is sent to the student via their Messiah GroupWise e-mail account informing them of the committees decision.

Missed Parking Lottery
August 1st is the deadline for all the returning students to register a specific vehicle. All of the required paperwork must be submitted by this date without exception. Students are encouraged to complete the registration process before leaving campus for the summer. This will allow returning students to register before the incoming freshmen registration begins. Returning students who fail to meet this deadline will be assigned to an open space in any of the remaining lots. Usually, the only remaining available spaces after the deadline are located in D lot.

PLEASE refer the Department of Safety Web site for detailed information for student parking:

If you have any questions, please contact Department of Safety at (717) 691-6005.

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There are two basic plans for making financial payments to the College for Fall and Spring Semesters.

1. The Semester Plan requires payment of the entire balance due for the Fall Semester by Aug. 22, 2014, and Dec. 24, 2014, for the Spring Semester.

2. The 2 Monthly Payment Option (MPO) administered by Tuition Management Systems, requires 10 equal monthly payments for the estimated annual amount due. Payments are made directly to Tuition Management Systems by the 20th of each month starting in June and ending In March. If you have enrolled in the Tuition Management System Monthly Payment Plan before the July bill is mailed, the bill will reflect a credit for one-half of the yearly contracted amount. The same is true for the Spring Semester bill. It is important to make these payments to Tuition Management Systems on time each month. Your individual monthly payments to TMS will not show up on your Messiah statement, only the lump sum semester amount. (more instructions below)

In both plans, any approved but uncredited financial aid (e.g. student loans, private scholarships and grants) may be taken into account in computing the payment amount, provided you clearly communicate relevant information to the Business Office when you send your payment. Any outstanding balance carried beyond the due date is subject to a finance charge of one percent per month.

All billings will be made by the Business Office.

For instructions on paying your bill, the billing calendar, etc. go to

For questions regarding your statement, payment options, payment due dates, billing addresses or other related issues, contact the Business Office at (717) 691-6004 or e-mail:

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Room Modifications
Messiah College extends the privilege of personalizing individual rooms in a way that promotes an enjoyable living environment consistent with the philosophy of the College community.
    1. Occupants are expected to keep their rooms clean.
    2. Items not in keeping with the character of the College are not to be displayed in student rooms or on College property. This includes wall coverings involving nudity or which are otherwise morally objectionable or socially offensive, stolen property, containers for alcoholic beverages, and other alcohol- or drug-related paraphernalia (signs, posters).
    3. Nails, screws, tape, or other adhesives which cause damage or leave sticky residue on the surface may not be used.
    4. All personal furnishings brought into a room must comply with fire safety codes.
    5. Residents are expected to accept the responsibility for the maintenance of their rooms and for damages and replacement of missing items. Mounting items on walls should be done with care.
    6. Student rooms, lounges, and hallways are painted and updated according to the maintenance schedule. Special requests for painting or alterations can be directed to Building and Property Services. Any improvement made to College-owned housing becomes the property of the College.
    7. Students are not to tamper with electrical wiring, switches, outlets, or fixtures, or to cover their room numbers.
    8. Removal of College provided furniture from students' rooms is prohibited. Students will be charged for missing or damaged furniture.
    9. Tampering with College property is prohibited. Screens are to remain in place, fire equipment is to be used only for intended purposes, and furniture from public areas is to remain in its intended location. In residence halls with false ceilings, tiles are not to be removed for any reason, including the storage of belongings.
    10. Waterbeds and excessively heavy items are not permitted in student rooms unless they are needed for documented medical reasons.
    11. The construction of "loft" beds by residents is prohibited.


If you have questions or comments, please contact the Office of Residence Life at (717) 796-5239 or

Office of Residence Life
Messiah College
One College Ave, Suite 4502
Mechanicsburg , PA 17055
Phone: (717) 796-5239