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Residence Life at Messiah College


2011-2012 On-Campus Housing Agreement
Office of Residence Life & Housing
One College Avenue, Box 4502
Grantham, PA  17027

Please read the contract and indicate your agreement to the contract below

This contract is ONLY to be filled out by those who have been given specific instructions to use it. All other students should sign their housing contract on Housebook.


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I hereby activate this agreement for a residence hall space for myself at Messiah College for the ENTIRE ACADEMIC YEAR 201-2012, from the applicable date of check-in until the applicable date of check-out as stated below. I understand this agreement will be invalid in the event of my withdrawal, suspension or dismissal from the college, permanent removal from the college residences by the College, completion of my degree requirements, or participation in an off-campus study program. I agree to be an involved member of the living learning community, pay applicable fines, attend regular floor meetings, and participate in hall activities. I agree that this agreement does not create a landlord/tenant relationship between me and Messiah College, and does not convey any leasehold or other real property interest.  I understand that the terms “resident,” “occupant,” or “student,” as used in this agreement, apply to me.  My signature indicates I understand the terms of this agreement and agree to abide by them.


CONDUCT OF RESIDENTS: The resident of the space assigned agrees to abide by the Community Covenant of Messiah College and is subject to College policies relating to residential living facilities as published in the current Student Handbook and incorporated in this agreement.  A resident is assumed to be aware of these policies.



Returning students with residence hall agreements can complete the check-in procedure:

Beginning at 9 a.m. on Saturday, August 27, 2011 for Fall

Beginning at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, January 3, 2012 for Spring

First year and transfer students with residence hall agreements must report to their assigned hall and complete the check-in procedure.

Beginning at 9 am on Thursday August 25, 2011 for Fall

Beginnning at 9 am on Thursday, January 26, 2012 for Spring (only for new first year & transfer students)

Early Arrivals:

All early arrivals must be approved by the Office of Residence Life. Fall early arrivals can occur starting August 15 for sponsored and individual students. An additional per day room fee will be charged individually to those who move in after August 15 and before the designated opening day of August 25 for new/transfer students and August 27 for returning students.  There will be no early arrival for non-sponsored students for Spring semester.

Required Building Meeting – all residential students are required to attend a building meeting that will be held on Monday, August 29 at 7 or 8 p.m.  Details and locations will be communicated upon move in. A $25 fee will be charged to any students who do not attend without an approved absence.


ROOM INVENTORY: The resident of the space assigned shall be responsible for any unassigned loss, damage, repair, or replacement of the furnishings, doors, windows, walls and the conditions of the space during the term of occupancy. Upon arrival and departure, the resident will be given the opportunity to inspect the space and conduct an inventory of the furnishings and condition of the space with a representative from the Department of Residence Life. Any student who chooses not to fill out a condition inventory form may be held financially responsible for all damage in the room. 


ROOM KEY: Receiving a room key is part of the check-in procedure.  Any student who does not pick up a room key within the first 10 days of class will receive a $60 charge for improper check-in.  Upon departure from residence, the room key must be returned to a member of the Residence Life staff. Failure to do so will subject the resident to a charge of $60.00.   A room key may not be duplicated. If the room key is lost or stolen during the term of occupancy, a charge of $60.00 will be made to the student's College account.


ROOM INSPECTION: A member of the College staff will inspect each residential space during winter break, spring break, and at departure. The resident(s) will be billed the current replacement value of those items missing, damaged or broken following each inspection period.  Resident assistants or college staff members will conduct an inspection each semester to ensure rooms meet fire and safety requirements and the resident(s) will be responsible to make necessary changes within one day of receipt of violation notification. If during any of the inspections mentioned above, violations of the student code of conduct are found, appropriate judicial procedures may be initiated.  The College reserves the right to enter and inspect residential space at any time for maintenance needs and for reasons of health or safety.


CHECK-OUT PROCEDURE: Resident students completing degree requirements or leaving the campus at the conclusion of first semester must vacate their space by noon on the day following the conclusion of their last final examination in the fall semester or upon completion of their academic requirements for the semester. Likewise, students not completing degree requirements in the spring must vacate their space by noon on the day following the conclusion of their last final examination or upon completion of their academic requirements for the semester. Approved residents participating in commencement may remain in their space until Commencement Day. Each resident of the space has the responsibility to arrange with a representative of the Office of Residence Life is to inspect and lock the space after the inventory is completed.


CONDITION OF ROOM UPON DEPARTURE and DAMAGES: All trash will be removed by the assigned resident. Failure to leave the room in clean and acceptable condition will result in an assessment equally divided between each assigned resident. Moreover, if the common areas on the hall (lounges, hallway, bathrooms, etc.) are left in disrepair, a charge for returning the common area to its original condition will be equally divided among all residents. In situations where the damages are extreme, repetitive, or the unit is severely disruptive, the students may be subject to the College disciplinary process resulting in sanctions, including housing relocation.  All personal belongings must be removed from the space assigned upon departure. The College assumes no responsibility for belongings left in the space assigned.  Additional charges may be assessed if residential space is occupied following the required check-out.


INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY: The occupant of the space assumes responsibility for any act, behavior or conduct that originates from the space assigned or selected.


SPECIAL ROOM ENTRY AND SEARCH: The College reserves the right to enter and search any residence hall space in an emergency or if there is reasonable cause to believe a violation of College policy, local, state, or federal law is occurring.  Any such entry and/or search is subject to the Student Search Policy published in the Student Handbook.


BREAK CLOSING: During Winter and Spring break closings students are required to move-out by the designated date and time to avoid penalties. Date and time will be announced within a reasonable time frame prior to breaks.

Winter Break: All campus residences are closed.

Spring Break:  Students are allowed to stay in the apartments and special interest houses only if they have received approval from the Office of Residence Life & Housing.


GUESTS/OVERNIGHT STAYS: Guests are welcome in College residences if they are approved under and abide by the Messiah College visitors policy.  Approved guests may stay overnight for up to three nights with the approval of their residents of the room. Students may stay overnight in the rooms or apartments of others students of the same gender for up to three days. Neither guests nor students are permitted in bedrooms of the opposite gender except during scheduled visitation hours.  The resident is responsible for the conduct of their guest(s) and agrees to pay for any damage caused by a guest.


BED RISERS:  Bed risers are used to create under bed storage for residences.  In order for bed risers to be used the following criteria must be followed:  Bed risers must be made of high density polyethylene that holds 1,200 lbs, the bed cannot be raised more than six inches.  Bed risers may only be used on metal beds and may not be used when bunking beds.  Bed risers made out of other forms of plastic, cinder block or PVC pipe are prohibited. 


LOFTS, STADIUM SEATING and FURNITURE STACKING– Lofts are prohibited.  Beds and furniture may only be stacked if they are constructed for stacking, triple bunk beds are prohibited except for furniture that has pins for bunking.  Any form of stacking or stadium seating for couches or other furniture is prohibited.


PERSONAL INSURANCE: The College accepts no liability for the theft, loss, or damage by fire, water or appliances or otherwise of money, valuables, computers, or any personal property of the student either in the student's residence hall space or in College storage areas. Students are urged to purchase their own insurance to cover such losses. The Office of Residence Life works with a company who offers insurance specifically for college students.  Information can be found at the Residence Life office or by contacting  Since family homeowner's insurance policies sometimes provide coverage for the personal property of a family member away at school, students are also encouraged to check with their family's insurance agent regarding policy coverage.


RECYCLING AND TRASH REMOVAL: In accordance with Pennsylvania Act 101, the occupants of the space assigned are responsible to separate recyclable glass, aluminum cans, and paper, and agree to deposit these products in the respective containers outside the hall.  Residents are also required to take their trash to the central drop-off location for their building or area.


TELEPHONE SERVICEA telephone and telephone service in the residence halls are provided. An active telephone jack in each student room, a voice mailbox for every student, and campus and local phone service are provided at no additional cost.  Fraudulent use of telephone equipment includes unauthorized calls placed from or charged to any telephone. Fraudulent calls placed from or charged to College telephones are subject to criminal prosecution and/or disciplinary action by the College. To make long distance and international calls, a student must use a calling card. 


VACANT SPACE(s):  If a space should become vacant in your room or apartment, the college reserves the right to assign the space without prior notice. You are expected to make adequate space available for roommate(s).  Additionally, if you fail to do so, you may be subject to judicial action or additional fees.  Based on available spaces students may be given the option to pay the lower occupancy rate (pay double rate for triple room or single rate for double room) to hold an empty space for one semester.


REASSIGNMENT PROCESS: The College reserves the right to temporarily or permanently reassign students to another residence hall space at any time during the term of occupancy.


ROOM CHANGES: A student may not move from his/her assigned space to another without the prior authorization of the Office of Residence Life.  A request to make such a change must be initiated through the appropriate Residence Director and approved by the Director of Housing.  Students who move without authorization will be subject to a fine of $200.00 and/or cancellation of their space assignment.


REMOVAL FROM RESIDENCE: Residency in a college facility is a privilege, with its incumbent conduct expectations upon residents as outlined in the Student Handbook. Except in an emergency, when a student may be temporarily or permanently removed from residence, no student may be removed from residence without an administrative or disciplinary hearing.


REFUNDS: Room charges are refundable to students who officially withdraw from the College under the same formula and conditions as those applicable to tuition subject to policies published in the Messiah College Catalog.


STORAGE: Limited and restricted storage is available at one's own risk for students whose home is at least 300 miles from campus. The College assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage of items stored.


MEDICAL FORMS: All medical forms must be completed and returned to Engle Center (health services) in order for a student to receive a room key for a residential room and building.


CREDIT REQUIREMENT: Students must enroll & maintain a minimum of 12 credits per semester in order to live in campus housing. Exceptions are made by the Director of Housing on an individual basis for any student who is enrolled in less than 12 credits.


SPECIAL INTEREST HOUSING/HARRISBURG:  All students who accept to live in special programmatic housing options are subject to the additional requirements of these living options and failure to meet any part of the requirements constitutes a violation of one’s housing agreement.


CANCELLATION POLICY:  Continuing/Current Students:  Any continuing/current student who chooses to cancel her/his housing contract prior to August 1, 2011 may do so without penalty.  Any cancellation received after August 1, 2011 will be subject to a $100 cancellation fee that will be charged to the student’s account. All cancellations must be in writing and received by the Office of Residence Life.  Any student who qualifies as a commuter (lives locally with family, part time student, married, 23 years old or older) and decides to live off-campus for the second semester will not be charged the $100 cancellation fee if the housing change is made with the Office of Residence Life before the first day of J-term.   Any student who is enrolled in less than 12 credits may commute without receiving a cancellation fee if the housing change is made with the Office of Residence Life before the first day of class.  Any student who decides to commute mid-semester will be assessed the $100 cancellation fee and will receive a housing refund based on the refund schedule.


    • NON-DISCRIMINATION: Messiah College does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, disability, or national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other College-administered programs. It complies fully with the prohibitions against discrimination on the basis of sex contained in Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972. By entering into this agreement, student residents agree to honor and support the College's commitment. Discrimination or harassment of others in violation of this commitment will be cause for dismissal from the residence halls.


    I have read the on-campus housing contract and agree to abide by the terms included in the contract:





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