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Department of Safety


Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Harassment & Sexually Inappropriate Behaviors

Messiah College does not tolerate sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, or sexually inappropriate behaviors in any form. These behaviors are demeaning and interfere with the rights of others to pursue their education in an atmosphere that is safe and respectful. Sexual misconduct, sexual harassment and sexually inappropriate behaviors include, but are not limited to: sexual misconduct, including sexual assault; incapacitated sex and/or sexual contact; sexual harassment; sexual violence; sexual exploitation; coercion for sex and/or sexual contact and retaliation. Incidents which a student considers to be a violation of this policy should be reported immediately.
This information is intended to serve as a resource for the Messiah community. The College is committed to establishing and maintaining an environment that values and protects the rights of all members of our community. This commitment is reflected in the Messiah College Student Handbook.
The College takes seriously its responsibility to educate the campus community on issues of all forms of sexual misconduct. As members of the Messiah College community, we share responsibility for creating an open and welcoming learning environment for students, faculty, staff, administrators, and visitors.
Some forms of sexual misconduct are a crime. In particular, sexual assault and rape are criminal offenses as well as violations of this policy and both criminal charges and College sanctions may arise from an alleged incident. The College’s process is separate and distinct from the criminal process and is only making a determination regarding violation of this policy. Individuals who believe that they’ve been sexually assaulted are urged to contact the Upper Allen Township Police and to preserve any evidence that may be necessary for proving the crime. The College strongly encourages students to work with the local police, and the College will work with the local authorities to facilitate a timely investigative process. The College’s adjudication of charges may proceed regardless of the status of the criminal justice process.
To report a sexual misconduct, sexual harassment or sexually inappropriate behavior type of incident, go to Reporting a Crime.
To review the protocol, go to Student Sexual Assault; this includes a flow chart describing the process of a sexual misconduct incident, an incident reporting form and a Victim Rights form.





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