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The cost for the 2013-2014 school year parking permit on campus is $110.00 and commuter parking is $50.00.

Procedure for Parking Permits


New First Year Students:

Parking Applications must be approved before the student brings a vehicle to campus.
First year students can apply for a parking permit for the following reasons:

1. Non-Traditional Student:
First year students who are 21yrs old by the start of the semester.

2. Medical Need:
Student will need to provide documentation from physician verifying health issues, which necessitates the use of a car. Documentation must include dates the medical request is needed for.

3. Home Distance from Campus:
Live more than 250 miles from Messiah College. Messiah College refers to for verification.

4. Employment:
Students must meet the following employment qualifications;
a. Must work at least one day a week for most weeks of the semester.
b. The job must be in a 40-mile radius of the campus.
c. The approval is for 1 semester at a time.
d. Proof of ongoing employment must accompany the registration application.


Permit Deadlines:

New students have until August 1st of each year to submit parking registration forms to the college. A committee reviews the parking registration forms and a decision is made to approve or deny parking privileges. New students are emailed if their parking permit request is denied. New students will pick up parking permits at the Falcon Exchange on Welcome Week, Move-In Day, August 29 2013.


Transfer Students:

Transfer students who will be living on campus will still need to go through the parking application process, and they will be assigned to an available parking space. Transfer students who did not pre-register are given a parking spot in Treona lot.


Upper-class Students and Returning Students:

When returning to campus for the start of the Fall semester, upper-class students are given their parking permits. Those who did not register during the on-line parking registration process or over the summer are issued a parking permit in a lot where space is available on campus.


Parking in the following parking lots are reserved for students living on campus:

A, B, C, D, F, G, H, J, and TR (overflow residential parking).

Parking for students who are commuting or living off-campus will be assigned to:

P - Starry Field parking lot.


Picking Up Parking Permits:

Students who fail to pick up their permits on validation day will be contacted and reminded to pick up their permit. After two weeks any permits that have not been picked up will be made available for those in need of a space.


Spring Semester:

In early November, a mass e-mail will be sent out to upper-class students about parking options for the Spring semester. Upper-class students can request or appeal for a different parking space for the Spring semester, IF spaces occur due to December graduates or students studying abroad. Open spaces will be assigned based on total number of credits, giving priority to seniors. Returning and transfer students will be assigned to open parking spaces based on their total number of credits.


On-line Parking Lottery:

In mid-April an on-line parking registration process is held for all students. Each student is assigned a day and time to sign up based on the year of the student, number of credit hours accurred by the end of the Fall semester, and class schedule. Registration is conducted via MCSquare and the Bosscars parking software. It is at this time that they have a chance to choose any available space in an open lot. Once a lot becomes full and closes, then they have to choose an open space in another lot even if it is further from their residence.


RA Parking:

Parking spaces are set aside in each lot for student Residence Life staff. RAs do not participate in the on-line parking registration process, and will be asked to complete a Parking Registration Request form submitting it directly to Residence Life. Every effort will be made to assign parking lots as close to their buildings as possible, however priority is given based on total number of credits.


Medical Parking:

Upper-class students who have a medical need must submit a letter from their physician indicating what special needs they have in relation to parking on campus. This letter and parking permit application must be submitted in order to be considered for medical parking. These students will not have to participate in the parking lottery, and are assigned to a previously reserved space.


Students Studying Abroad:

Students who will be studying abroad during spring semester are requested to register for parking prior to leaving campus at the end of fall semester or J-Term. They will not have to participate in the on-line parking registration process, and are assigned to a lot a few days before the on-line parking registration begins.


No Car At Time of On-Line Parking Registration Process?:

If a student does not have a car currently on campus at the start of the on-line parking registration process, but expects to get one over the summer, they are still encouraged to participate on-line and register for a space anyway. It is much easier to take back parking spaces than trying to find available ones just prior to the start of the semester.


Missed On-Line Parking Registration Process?:

August 1st is the deadline for all returning students to register a specific vehicle. All of the required paperwork must be submitted by this date without exception. Students are encouraged to complete the registration process before leaving campus for the summer. This will allow returning students to register before the incoming freshmen registration begins. Returning students who fail to meet this deadline will be assigned to an open space in a lot where space is available. Usually, the only remaining available spaces after the deadline are located in D lot.


Satellite Housing Parking:

All students residing in satellite housing will be assigned to a specific lettered lot designated for satellite housing (SH); this permit is free. Satellite housing students are not assigned to park on the main campus and are to walk to campus. If you wish to drive and park on the main campus, then you need to obtain a Commuter parking permit instead ($50.00 fee) and park in the commuter lot which is in Starry Field.


Any questions concerning student parking can be directed to:

Any questions concerning student parking tickets can be directed to:


Student vehicle registrations and questions should be directed to the Falcon Exchange at 717-766-2511, ext 6052 or by emailing


Faculty and Staff vehicle registrations should be directed to Director Cindy Burger by calling 717-691-6005, or by emailing





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