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Student Essay Contest

Messiah College students are invited to submit essays based on the theme of the Faith and Popular Culture conference November 11-12, 2005: “Reconciling the Church and the Popular Arts.”

The winning essay writer will receive an award of $250, will be recognized at the Faith and Popular Culture conference, and may be invited to read the essay. The essay will also be published in the Minnemingo Review. The suggested length of the essay is 6-8 pages (1500-2000 words), using a size 12 font. Students may submit essays which also fulfill a course requirement if they meet the criteria of this contest.

Essays should be based on the theme “Reconciling the Church and the Popular Arts.” The popular arts will be understood to include film, television, theater, poetry, literature, advertising, popular music, and any other art forms produced for a mass audience. The essays will be evaluated on the following criteria: 1) general content, argument, and analysis, 2) strength of prose, 3) connection to conference theme, and 4) level of engagement with popular culture and scholarship which addresses it.

Essays should be submitted by October 28, 2005. Send three hard copies of the essay (with the title appearing on every page, but no name appearing on any page) and one title page which includes your name, phone, and title of the essay to Jeff Rioux, Box 3050. Essays will be judged anonymously by a panel of readers including faculty members and editors of the Minnemingo Review.

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