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Recreational Sports

2008-2009 Champions!

Matt Halburd 2009 Racquetball Champion

Matt Halburd 2009 Racquetball Champion


Pat Miller

Pat Miller 2009 Ping Pong Champion

Men's DI Basketball - SWAT Team (Cpt. David McClellan)

Men's DIII Basketball - Grantham's Most Wanted (Cpt. Ryan Maerder)

Team Same

Women's Basketball - Team Same (Cpt. Amy Horst)



Women's Indoor Volleyball - Bisbets (Cpt. Andrea Peters)

Men's Indoor Volleyball - Leather Goods (Cpt. Grant Wilson)

Men's Indoor Soccer - Stacked (Cpt. Chris Fox)

Women's Indoor Soccer - Blaze (Cpt. Kari Mast)

Men's Softball - ???

Women's Softball - ???

Co-ed Ultimate Frisbee - ???




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