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Recreational Sports

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a waiver form?


A Waiver Form is a form which all participants MUST complete and submit before participating in any Rec Sport contest. Participants will need only to submit this form whenever they register with a team or as a free agent on Please read the information in its entirety. Please, answer teh appropriate questions on as well. Check the box at the bottom of the page and the click Submit.


How do I register?


You may register as part of a team or as a "free agent" if you do not have a team on which to play.

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Do I need my Messiah College ID to play?


All students, staff, and alumni participants are required to provide their ID when checking in to play in any Rec. Sport contest or open tournament. A valid Driver's License will no longer be accepted as ID. This policy is in place to ensure that teams are representing their rosters truthfully and to eliminate illegal players or "ringers" who may help teams win games. It also provides protection from various legal issues and liability concerns.


I don't have a team, can I still play?


Yes! If you are unable to organize a team or are having trouble finding a team, you may register as a "free agent" online at Follow the same registration process as outlined in "How to Register" but choose "Free Agent" for the appropriate league. We will do our best to help you find a team, or a team that needs players to find you. You are still responsible however, for providing us with your information by the appropriate registration deadline. Want more information about becoming a "free agent"?


Where is the Rec Sports Office?


We are located in the Larsen Student Union building, Room #201. If you enter the via the food court entrance: walk up the stairs, take a sharp turn to the right, proceed down the hall, and our office is on the right. If you enter the building on the street level, walk to the left of the stairs, continue down the hall, and our office is on the right. The office phone number is (717) 796- 1800 ext 2246.


When & Where are games played?


Game times and locations vary by sport. Both will be indicated at that sport's Captain's Meeting. In most cases sports will run between 4:15 PM - 6:00 PM or between 7:15 PM and 11:00 PM, Monday through Thursday. In some instances, rescheduled games may have to be played on Friday, and occasionally special events may be offered on a Saturday. Check current schedules for a better idea of when games are played. Outdoor sports are played on the Rec Sports Field, Slant Field, Upper Baseball, Anderson Turf, or the Sand Volleyball Court behind Mellinger. Indoor sports are played in Hitchcock Arena which is located in the Sollenberger Sports Center.


Can I work for Rec Sports?


Absolutely! If you like sports, people, and want to have fun while getting paid contact us. Work schedules are flexible, no experience is needed, and you can still play Rec Sports! We are always looking for Game Day Supervisors and Officials to help keep our program strong. Please check out the "I Want to Work for R/S!" section for more information.




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