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Recreational Sports

Rec. Sports Staff



Meet the dedicated people who make Messiah Rec. Sports happen! Scroll down to see the friendly faces and learn a bit more about those who give their time and energy to bring you fun and competitive opportunities.


Director of Rec. Sports: Heather Greer




Garth Martin



Accounting Major

Garth is from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He went to Garden Spot High School where he enjoyed playing various sports. Garth likes any outdoor activity and especially enjoys skiing and snowboarding in the winter. He also likes challenging myself and trying out new sports.

JP McGill




Health & Exercise Science Major

His name is Jonphilip "Jp" McGill and he is from
Ithaca, New York.
Jp is majoring in Heath and Exercise science (pre-phsical therapy). He enjoys
sports, movies, and long walks on the beach
Jp is also a Cross Country and Track Runner for Messiah.

Eric Witmer






Eric Witmer is a junior Psychology major hailing from Amishland itself: Lancaster County. Since he was young, Eric has had a love for old Volkswagens, and a deep desire to be faster than everyone else. This lead him to the fields of soccer and the oval of track, where he earned many a ribbon in his day. He takes great joy in reading anything of interest, (and the more interesting the better), and is always down for a good conversation (or two). There is never a dull moment in Eric's life, and he likes it that way; moving at aproximately 2280.4mph, only a cats tail slower than the moon orbits the earth. Eric has never had any formal training, and should probably learn how to blow a whistle, but yet he remains one of the favored referee's in Messiah College's Rec Sports arsenal.

Sal Buonocore




Christian Ministries Major

Photo Coming Soon... Coming out of the great state of Pennsylvania, standing at a lofty 6'5", weight at 1 something-something lbs., it's Sal Buonocore. Sal is a Christian Ministries Major hoping to become a youth pastor. Basketball is his favorite sport, along with  soccer. Sal loves to play guitar in his free time and watch the Philadelphia Eagles.

Hannah Priem




Int'l Business Major

Hannah Priem is from a little town in upstate New York. She is an International Business major and is determined to see the world. All throughout middle and high school, Hannah played volleyball and softball and is still in love with both. Hannah loves reading especially historical non-Fiction and romantic classics. She loves butterflies, playing games, watching football and her favorite time of year is fall.

Aaron Hiller




Bio/ Pre-Med. Major

Aaron Hiller is a senior Bio/Pre-Med major hailing from the small town of Milton, Pennsylvania.  He loves to play basketball, racquetball, golf, and tennis and chances are you can find him at the racquetball courts on any given day.  When he's feeling lazy, and not working on Biochemistry homework, he also enjoys playing video games and would more than willing to take you on at a game of Call of Duty, Halo, or Mario Kart.  Just be careful, sometimes the Mario Kart carries over to his real-world driving, so make sure to use those crosswalks and look both ways!

James Davis




Business Admin. Major


His name's James Davis and there's a lot to know about him. He's a Business Admin Major from Fleetwood, PA. James plans to work in sports and he's the kind of guy who goes with the flow. He loves sports and think baseball is the best. James is a movie geek and all of his friends can attest, his collection holds at a number too high. Next time you see him feel free to say, "Hi."

Hosu Chang




Politics Major

Hosu was born in S. Korea, raised in S.E. Asian region as a Missionary Kid. He came to Messiah through two of his high school alumni friends, who both graduated last year. He is majoring in Politics and has 3 other jobs on campus. Yeah, he likes to live busy because other wise, he would go through a vicious cycle of critically thinking about the meaning of life and what he wants to do after graduation. Just kidding... Anyway, Hosu loves playing, watching and refereeing soccer so much that it made him study abroad in England and visit his personal holy ground - Old Trafford, the home stadium of Manchester Utd F.C. As of now, Hosu is still unsure of what to do after graduation (after serving the nation through mandatory military service in Korea), but he is sure God will direct him with His firm hands as the year goes by.  

Brian Loesser




Business Entrepreneurship Major

Brian was born in Trenton, New Jersey and he currently lives in Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania. Brian's major is Business Entrepreneurship and he plays on the Messiah golf team. Brian loves to golf but he also enjoys playing soccer and basketball whenever he can. A funny fact about Brian is that he cuts hair at Messiah and he has his own barber chair in his apartment.

Pete Cradduck




Health & Exercise Science Major

Pete Cradduck is from the small town of Mercersburg. As one of 8 he grew up playing many sports. Pete enjoys hanging out with friends doing parkour, eating Water Buckchoi and playing basketball. Pete is on the basketball team and is a Health and exercise science major at Messiah. A little known fact about Pete is he has a birth mark that looks like Billy Ray Cyrus on his left foot.

Sean Stevenson




History Major

From the great, vast state of New Jersey, Sean lives and breathes for reffing sports. His first word was "foul!" He carries a yellow and red card on him at all times, and you will usually see him wearing his zebra stripes. On his down time, Sean is a History major with a certification in Secondary Education. He also enjoys playing sports, fishing, being outdoors, making music with friends, and relaxing.

Luke Weaver




Health & Phys. Ed. Major

Hailing from Bucks County PA, Luke is a man who lives for thrill of the moment. He enjoys any and all kinds of sports as well as extreme sports such as wake boarding, snowboarding, and fishing. If he is not playing wiffleball you can find him attempting to hit a straight drive on the links, which usually ends in broken windows. Luke also loves to watch the Yankees, Nets, Giants, or Devils on any given night. His ultimate dream job would be to fly fighter jets like his Grandfather.

David Fish




Accounting Major; Youth Ministry Minor

David Fish is an accounting major and youth ministry minor. He hails from Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania. More importantly, David is a soccer fanatic. A playing, supporting, watching, screaming-at-the-tv fanatic! He enjoys playing most sports or doing anything outside. But his true passion is youth ministry. He is a youth leader at his home church in Mckeansburg, PA. His life goal is to become an accountant by day and youth pastor by night.

Maggie Young




Adventure Ed. Major

Maggie Rose, born and raised an Annapolitan, meaning a resident of the beautiful historic city of Annapolis, Maryland's capital. Although she grew up a city girl, she loves being outdoors, backpacking through the wilderness, boating on the Chesapeake Bay and kayaking through the many waterways around Annapolis. This is why Maggie has become an Adventure Education major! Maggie enjoys being active! She has played almost every sport available, but spent most of high school playing softball and field hockey. If she hasn't played it yet, she is always willing to learn how to play it! Maggie's favorite things to do for fun are playing soccer with her dog and going on adventures with friends!

Ida Ehrhardt




Political Science Major

Ida is from Bel Air, Maryland about 45 minutes from the city of Baltimore. She loves to play lacrosse and swim! When Ida is not playing outside, one can often find her reading, watching movies or playing some sort of game. Ida is a Political Science major.


Game Day Supervisors


Jeremy Bailes




Photo Coming Soon... Jeremy, grew up in Middletown PA, while wrestling and playing football as early as he possibly could, He also had a three year go at lacrosse -- good thing it was only three years.  Jeremy is a big fan of mythology, tattoos and music.  Though, he'lll do anything if he's got some good friends to do it with.  Though Jeremy represents PA in a lot, he have never and will never stray from being a Baltimore Ravens fan!  

Joe Zimmerman




Health and Phys. Ed. Major

His name is Joe and he is a senior health and physical education major. He loves playing all kinds of sports. Joe's favorite professional sports teams are the Pittsburgh Penguins, Steelers, and Pirates in that order (Although, the Pirates are getting better). His favorite food is buffalo chicken, and his favorite place to vacation is the beach. Joe also love to spend time at our lake house and water ski as well as play volleyball.

Nathan Brown




Sport Management Major

Nate Brown is a senior Sport Management major from Ephrata, Pennsylvania.  He enjoys being a member of the Messiah Swim Team and loves his teammates.
Nate has also played basketball in the past. He is very competitive.
The Philadelphia Eagles, 76ers, and Phillies are his favorite sports teams (In that order). Donovan McNabb and Allen Iverson were her childhood sport heroes
Surprisingly, he enjoy eating in Lottie.

Austin daSilva


"Awesome daSilva"


Psychology Major

Austin is a 22 year old senior Psychology at Messiah and enjoys spending time with his friends and just hanging out.  He is amiable and outgoing and a generally friendly person.  He comes from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and is the eldest of four boys; one of them being his twin.

Joey Bankert




Sport Management

Joey is from Sellersville, Pennsylvania.  He has played sports since he was in third grade; he played baseball for five years, and the highlight of his baseball career was winning the league championship one year.  Joey also played basketball for two years, and three years of varsity tennis in high school.  Joey currently plays on Messiah's club Ultimate Frisbee team, and he enjoys playing and learning about almost every sport, which is why his major is sport management.  Joey enjoys spending time with his friends; whether it's just talking and hanging out or, even better, playing sports.


Jordan Zimmerman




Elementary Education Major


Jordan is a senior Elementary Education major. He resides in Somerset County in southwest PA. Jordan has three siblings and all of whom are older than him. Some of his hobbies include: playing recreational sports, water skiing, hunting, and watching some Tv shows (Mainly  "The Office"). His favorite food to eat is hot wings, or anything with chicken. He loves any Pittsburgh sports team. An interesting fact about him is that he enjoys listening to the classic oldies.

Morgan Marsicano



English Major, Art Minor

Hailing from Allentown, New Jersey (NOT Pennsylvania!), Morgan is an outdoor-loving English major who can be found running outside or climbing most days of the week. She is an avid reader who easily gets excited over a good book or the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother. Her greatest dream is to own a Steinway Model A or D, as she’s been playing the piano for about 16 years. Morgan also enjoys drawing with charcoal, building pillow forts, drinking tea, gaming, and cuddling with puppies.

Ian Wheeler




Health & Exercise Science Major; Psychology Minor

Ian is from Guatemala--born and raised. His parents are originally from Texas but they moved before he was born. Ian has three older brothers, so naturally he is pretty competitive. His major is Health and Exercise Science and he is also minoring in Psychology. Ian enjoys playing pool while sipping on a chocolate milkshake when he has down time. His passion is soccer--he enjoys playing and watching. Ian also enjoys playing basketball. The sports he enjoys watching most are soccer, basketball, football and tennis.

Bekah Feiler




Sport Management Major

 In the far away land of Perkasie, Pennsylvania, resides Bekah, a junior Sport Management Major. She enjoys getting to spend time with her friends and watching any kind of sport (big Philadelphia fan), but you may also catch her watching the game show network. Family Feud with Steve Harvey is where it is out! She loves playing all sports, and in high school played 5 sports- Field Hockey, Tennis, Softball, Basketball, and Bowling! If not found playing sports or hanging with friends, she may be taking a nap as she reigns the queen of napping!

Joanna Benner


First Year


Nursing Major

Her name is Joanna Benner and she was born and raised in a house on top of a hill in the small town of Telford, Pennsylvania. She is working her butt off to be a successful Nursing Major. Some of her hobbies are photography, laughing, traveling, singing, being crazy with her friends, going to Haiti, and playing any kind of sport. Joanna especially like dominating in field hockey, street hockey, soccer, volleyball, and flag football. She has two fake teeth, is the youngest of four, can speak Haitian Creole, likes to walk everywhere barefoot, loves big sweatpants, wants to be a nurse in Haiti someday, is an aunt, has touched Taylor Swift's hand, loves little kids, has broken my toe playing barefoot soccer in Poland, has a tattoo, has been to Haiti 7 times, and loves quesadillas, mango's, coffee, and iced tea. :) 

Alycia Schwamb




Criminal Justice Major

Alycia is a true New Yorker.  She was born and raised there, and has that lovely New York accent.  Alycia enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and family, and playing sports. Her favorite sports are soccer and basketball, but she enjoys playing pretty much every other sport out there.


Kayleigh Hershey

“K-to-the-lee” “H-bar”



Sustainability in Agriculture Major, Youth Ministry Minor

Coming from good old Amish country, Kayleigh is a farm girl in the making. Atop her sustainable agriculture and youth ministry classes here at Messiah, she thoroughly enjoys being a part of the women's club soccer team and watching people participate in Rec. Sports. Her favorite past times are reading, watching Criminal Minds and working with newborn calves at her job on the weekends. If you can't find her playing soccer or supervising a Rec. Sports game, you just might find her curled on her apartment couch desperately trying to piece together a wedding...with her favorite large mug of French Vanilla Coffee, of course!

Life verse: Ephesians 2:8

Officials Coordinator:

Josh Stary




Heath & Phys. Ed. Major


Biography Coming Soon...

Office Manager:


Megan McMaster


Sport Management Major, Youth Ministry Minor

Coming from the far-away land of New Oxford, Pennsylvania, Megan is a country girl through and through. She enjoys any outdoor activity from climbing trees to kayaking down the Breeches. Although you will most likely find her on the soccer field or volleyball court, she can also be found enjoying an afternoon-in with any old black and white film. Megan also loves coloring, playing board games, watching Penn State football, and youth ministry.


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