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Can I show a film as part of my event?

Maybe. There are many restrictions to showing films publicly because of copyright law. Consult this helpful site (link to )to determine if you can legally show your film in a public setting.

In addition, please read Messiah’s film policy.


Can I have food as part of my event?

Yes, but you must use Messiah College Catering. In some cases, Messiah College Dining Services allow groups to use third party caterers, but permission must be granted. Complete catering policies are found here (


What must I do to bring in an outside speaker or performer?

First, read the policy on outside speakers.

Second, if your event is a public event, you must fill out this form (Outside Speaker Request Approval Form) and submit it to the Dean of Student Office for approval.


Can I have a dance on campus?

Yes, but you must read and follow the dance policy here and have your dance approved by the Director of Larsen Union and Campus Events.


Are there any restrictions on holding a fundraiser for my organization?

Yes. Any organization wanting to raise money, either for their own organization or for an off-campus charity, must read the fundraising guidelines.

In addition, if your fundraiser involves contracting with an outside vendor, you must fill out the Outside Vendor Contract.





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