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Student Leaders - "The Loft Team"

The Loft could not exist without the committed service of student leaders.  The Loft Team is a small group of students (approximately 10-12 students) that exists for the following three purposes:

  1. To provide leadership for the Loft’s activities and programs
  2. To develop leadership within Loft Facilitators
  3. To pursue intentional community as a team for the purpose of individual holistic growth.

These student leaders commit to a full school year of service and are trained to facilitate experiential education activities for leadership development and team building.  Activities may include facilitating games, our challenge course, canoeing, rock climbing, caving, and extended trips.  The Loft Team meets together weekly for planning and to pursue personal and group growth.  The Director of the Loft also meets with each Loft Team member on a regular basis for a time of discipleship and mentoring.  As student leaders on Messiah's campus, Loft Team members are expected to be exemplary amongst peers by seeking academic faithfulness, by integrating their faith into everything they do, and by faithful pursuit if the Community Covenant.

2013-2014 Loft Team

Loft Team 2013-2014

Lower Level (from left to right):

Aaron Gettemy, Madi Brunk, Jenny Howland, Gretchen Heim, Emma Vautour, Wendell Witter, Megan McMaster

Upper Level (from left to right):

Jacob Reisler, Jen Golden, Zach McKeown, Abby Wade, Robert Schmuck, Dave Carter, Hannah Martin