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Other Activities Information

Pretty much any activity that you want the Outdoors Club to run, we will try our best to plan it as long as Messiah’s insurance policy does not conflict and it is within fiscal reach. Some various trip that we have lead in the past have been, wilderness photography, Bounceplex, trips to a star observatory, and geocaching.




Naylor Observatory




What is geocaching? Watch the short informational video. Find geocaches near you, become a member, and start geocaching!


National Geographic Photographs

Check out the marvelous photos taken by skilled photographers. Get inspired and note some of their techniques that you want to try to emulate when you attend a wilderness photography trip.





Bounce Fun Plex is a family-owned trampoline fun complex located in the heart of beautiful Central Pennsylvania. FUN! FUN! FUN! is what you will have on your next visit to Bounce Fun Plex. Our trampoline complex has been specially designed for safety. Bounce on our 360 degrees trampoline walls and court. Bouncing off the walls has never been as fun as this.


Naylor Observatory

The Astronomical Society of Harrisburg is a non-profit organization and requests a $3-$4 donation per person from those attending a public observing session. Your donation will help cover the costs of opening the observatory to the public and allow us to continue to provide exciting observing opportunities and educational programs to the community as we have since 1955. The club continued expanding in 1979 and a 12.5" Cave Newtonian Telescope was installed in a roll-off observatory onsite. A 17" Classical Cassegrain is housed in the Domed Observatory.


Pine Grove Furnace

Pine Grove Furnace is a very large state park area set in a very luscious Pennsylvania valley with high ridges and hills surrounding it. There is ample opportunities for hiking, walking, swimming, rock climbing, and camping. Some of our best hikes are to Pine Grove - if you haven't been on one, you should try and go! Pine Grove Furnace is about 45 minutes from campus.