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Mathematical Sciences

Hiking/Camping Information

In most cases, our hiking and camping activities take place within a half-hour drive from campus. Trips range from beginner one-mile flat hikes to weekend peak bagging excursions. Food and equipment are usually provided. Transportation is always provided for all trips.


How to Use your Compass
A site full of information on how to navigate with a map and compass.

The Backcountry Home Page
A site with a lot of backcountry info and links. One of Yahoo's Top Picks.

An Appalachian Trail Home Page
The home page for the AT, which the Outdoors Club makes use of many times.

EMS Online
Eastern Mountain Sports has been outfitting the outdoors for over 30 years.

The one and only... The club buys most of its gear from here.

An Interactive Appalachian Trail hikers guide.

Leave No Trace
"Leave nothing but footprints, Take nothing but pictures, Kill nothing but time." -Anonymous
A great site for backpacking information.

Appalachian Mountain Club
The AMC homepage contains lots of information about activities and events going on in the New England area. Plus lots of outdoors resources!!



White Rocks
White Rocks is a beautiful gamelands area where there is wonderful hiking along the ridge, with beautiful views. There are plentiful campsites, small and large, and also some nice rock climbing sections. Located a few miles in on the White Rocks Trail, it joins the famous Appalachian Trail, at a point called Center Point Knob, named when it was the center point of the AT between Maine and Georgia. White Rocks is only about 10 minutes from campus.

Gifford Pinchot State Park
The state park surrounds a large lake with beaches on either side. There is a network of trails surrounding the lake. The lake also provides a great place to sail or kayak on flat water.

Pine Grove Furnace
Pine Grove Furnace is a very large state park area set in a very luscious Pennsylvania valley with high ridges and hills surrounding it. There is ample opportunities for hiking, walking, swimming, rock climbing, and camping. Some of our best hikes are to Pine Grove - if you haven't been on one, you should try and go! Pine Grove Furnace is about 45 minutes from campus.

Peter's Mountain
Peter's Mountain is a section of the Appalachian Trail located right on the other side of the river near Harrisburg. It is one of our favorite spots to go hiking, because it is close, offers easy hiking, it has magnificent views, and it has an incredible 2-story shelter with a water source nearby. It's a great place to go if you decide at ten o'clock Friday night you feel like going camping.

Hawk Rock
Hawk Rock is a great little part of the Appalachian Trail which offers a short, steep hike up to a beautiful view. The trail continues on flat ground for several miles after that.