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Several times during a year, we organize trips that include activities such as trail maintenance, trail blazing, shoveling, or helping out nearby organizations.

Every trip that the Outdoors Club takes should be centered around serving our community. This can be done through many ways: picking up trash along the trail or in the water, maintaining the trail, witnessing to others that we come across, and acting in a Christian manner. Teach the people that you hike with about environmental ethics, and why we should take care of the world that God has created.


AMC Conservation page
The Appalachian Mountain Club's page on Conservation. Learn how to conserve our wilderness areas!

Messiah College Agape Center
The Agape Center links students, faculty, and the community in their common interests of learning and serving. Students "learn to serve and serve to learn." Faculty use service activities to enrich courses through the interaction of "real life" experience with academic reflection and theory. Community agencies use student volunteers to strengthen their programs and expand their services.


Mechanicsburg Environmental Center
Mechanicsburg Enviromental Center is a local plot of beautiful wilderness land located across Rt. 15 in Mechanicsburg. It is owned my a man who is attempting to keep the center from being bought by developers. He can always use help keeping the center nice and clean. It also serves as a wonderful educational resource for children in the nearby school.

Gifford Pinchot State Park
Gifford Pinchot State Park will sometimes have service days, where they will employ the use of volunteers to help clean up and maintain the trails at the park.

It is a goal of the Outdoors Club to be good stewards of God's Creation wherever we go. This could involve picking up trash and keeping trails clear wherever we walk or hike.