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Vehicle and Parking Regulations

The Department of Safety manages all vehicle and parking regulations. For a complete listing of the most current regulations, please see vehicle safety.


Options for Students without Vehicles

The following are options for students that do not have a vehicle on-campus


  1.  Public Transportation (cabs, etc.)
  2. American Taxi

    (717) 901-8294

    1301 N. Cameron St, Harrisburg, PA 17103  


    Capitol City Cab Service

    (717) 939-6363 or (717) 939-0756

    362 S. Front Street, Steelton, PA 17113  

    Keystone Cab

    (717) 234-4400

    620 S. 13th Street, Harrisburg, PA 17104  


    The New Yellow Cab Company LLC (717) 238-7252

    2633 Canby Street, Harrisburg PA

    Harrisburg International Airport

    (717) 948-3900 or (888) 442-5387 Airport Drive, Middletown, PA 17057

    19 miles/estimated 30 minutes  


    AMTRAK /Greyhound Station

    (717) 232-3303 or (800) 872-7245 (USA RAIL)

    4th and Chestnut Streets, Harrisburg, PA 17101

    12 miles/estimated 20 minutes

  3. The Harrisburg Shuttle: The Harrisburg Institute, in partnership with other campus  departments provides a regular shuttle service between Messiah College's main campus in Grantham and Messiah College's Harrisburg Institute.  This free shuttle service is offered to all Messiah College students, faculty, and staff. For the latest schedule, visit the Harrisburg Institute's shuttle schedule.

  4. Church Transportation: Messiah College encourages all students to connect with local churches. College Ministries maintains a database of local churches on its website. The database lists many churches in the Greater Harrisburg area as well as those that provide transportation for Messiah College students. This list is not exhaustive. To add a church to the database, please contact College Ministries at (717) 691-6017.

  5. Medical Transportation for First Year Students: If a first year student (defined as having been in enrolled at Messiah College for no more than one academic year) is unable to secure transportation for medical appointments after they have attempted to secure transportation via options listed above, they may utilize a limited transportation service provided by the Office of the Associate Dean of Students. Medical transportation is anything dealing with a student's physical or emotional health and includes   visits to MD offices, lab facilities, imaging facilities, licensed therapists, mental health facilities, emergent care facilities, hospitals, and pharmacies. To utilize this service, students should contact the Engle Center at It is expected that a student will not use this service more than four consecutive times within a given period unless special circumstances, as verified by the Coordinator of Health Services, warrant such action. It is expected that the medical facility will be local, within a 25-mile radius of the college. Although student drivers will be asked to maintain a peer's confidentiality, this cannot be guaranteed. New students who have a medical condition that requires regular medical visits are strongly encouraged to bring a car to campus after securing a medical exception from the Department of Safety. To be granted an exception, students should visit the safety site

  6. B-Line Trips: The B-Line is a weekend excursion to the Messiah College Philadelphia Campus.  Tickets for the trip are $5 (non-refundable) and can be purchased at the Ticket Office in Grantham.  One ticket covers round trip transportation in a Messiah van from Grantham,  two tokens for Philadelphia's public transportation (SEPTA), and two meals passes for Temple's cafeteria. This opportunity is intended for, but not limited to, students who are considering spending a semester at the Philadelphia Campus. Students will participate in a campus tour upon arrival. Click here for a current schedule.


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