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Get Connected, Get Involved!


If you are a commuter student, sometimes it takes a little more work to make connections.  The easiest way to meet other students is to get involved in campus life.  Student organizations have something for everyone. Be sure to come to the Club Opportunities Fair on Monday September 1st from 2:30-5pm at Larsen Student Union to get all the information you need.  Also, check out rec sports where you will find information about intramurals and other related physical activities. 


What is happening on campus?


The Messiah College Events Calendar has all the latest happenings on MC’s campus.  By clicking on the event you will find a detailed description of who, what and when for anything that is going on at Messiah. 


Checking your Messiah email will also keep you in touch.  We know that there are many forms of communication that students use, but email is favored by faculty and staff and is used for many official Messiah College communications.


Your campus mailbox is also a form of communication between you and the community.  Please check it frequently.  You will receive graded material from professors and U.S. mail.


Other great ways to stay informed about what’s happening….

                 Posters in the campus center, Larsen Student Union, commuter lounge, stairwells

                 Mass email announcements

                 The Swinging Bridge (biweekly newspaper)

                 WVMM 90.7 (Messiah College FM radio station)

                 Messiah College and the Pulse Facebook pages

                 Chapel announcements

                 Napkin holder ads in the dining hall or cafes

                 Word of mouth


Commuter Lounge


The commuter lounge is a great place to relax, study, or even catch a few winks!!  It is located in the basement of Hoffman Hall and is reserved strictly for commuters.  The lounge is open daily from 8 a.m. – Midnight.  Free tea, coffee, hot chocolate, microwave and refrigerator are available.  There is a permanent PC and printer available for use as well as general office supplies. The building has wireless internet.

The lounge also has lockers that you can reserve free of charge during the school year to store your things so you are not forced to lug them around all day.  If you wish to reserve a locker, contact the Student Involvement & Leadership Programs office at 717-796-5240 or


Weather delays


Wondering if the snow or ice is causing a delay in class?  You can sign up for Messiah text alerts and receive a text when decisions are made or call the emergency line at 717-691-6084.  Sign up here.


Welcome Week and Orientation Activities: What do you need to attend???


You might be wondering that since you aren't going to be living in a residence hall that you might not need to attend all the activities or events that happen over Orientation / "Welcome Week".  You're right... sort of! We recommend and encourage you to attend as much as you can (except the mandatory meetings for the the residents living in the residence halls)

Listed are the sessions that we highly recommend that if you can clear your schedule and make an effort to attend would be in your best interest.  Any questions on these sessions can be directed to your assigned Orientation Leader or by calling Student Involvement & Leadership Programs at 717-796-5240.


Thur 8/28

Check in Day, first day of Orientation (all activities, all day, even as a commuter)


Fri 8/29

8:45am - Foreign Language Placement Exams (if this pertains to you)

10:30am - Into the Street Service Project


Sat 8/30

8am - Optional Music Theory Placement Exam (if this pertains to you )    

8:30am - 9:45am - General Chemistry 1 Placement Exam (if this pertains to you )         

9am - 10am - Orientation for Students with Food Allergy, Intolerance and Special Dietary Needs (if this pertains to you )

10am - 11:30am - First Year Testing


Mon 9/1

All Day - Department of Theatre and Dance – Messiah College Performance Dance Ensemble Sign-ups (if this pertains to you )

All Day - Department of Music Audition Sign-Ups (if this pertains to you )

9am – 9:45am  - Stafford Loan Entrance Counseling (if this pertains to you )

10am - 11:15am  - Welcome to Campus: An Introduction to Campus Services

11:30am - 12:30 pm - Living in Community (for commuter students only) (ABSOLUTELY!!!)

1pm - 1:30pm  - Academic Support and Advising Overview

1:30pm - 2:30pm - Meeting with Academic Advisors by Department (if you have questions for academic advisor)

2pm - 4pm  - Academic Schedule Adjustments (if you need to adjust class schedule)

2:30pm-5pm - Student Opportunities Fair


Tue 9/2

First Day of Classes

9:30am - 10:15am - Convocation (beautiful worship service to kick-off academic year)



Need assistance?


If you have any special needs or concerns, please contact Wendell Witter, Assistant Director of Student Involvement & Leadership Programs, who serves as the commuter student advocate at ext 7096 or 





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