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Web Services

Building your website



Q: How do I initiate a web project for my department?


A: To initiate a web project – whether it is the design of a new site or significant revisions to an existing site – first contact the the Print and Web Project Coordinator or use our Web Project Initiation form. If it is a new project or significant revisions to an existing website, a client meeting will be scheduled to discuss the scope, objectives and timeframe of your project. Minor revisions to an existing site may be able to be handled via e-mail or by phone.





Q: May I hire someone to design my website for me or may I have my work study student design my website?


A: Depending on what type of website you would like to develop – and where it is located on Messiah’s website – it may be possible to contract a student or another outside consultant to design your department’s website if you have the budget to do so. However, it is important that before you begin, you contact the College web services manager to consult on the pending project. This will allow for advance discussion related to:


  • The anticipated completion date
  • The application of the College’s graphic standards to your web page
  • Where the completed site will be located on Messiah’s website
  • What the site’s web address (URL) will be
  • The many resources (both printed and online) available to your designer regarding the College’s graphic and technical compatibility standards
  • Access and security issues related to Messiah's web server (These discussions will be held in conjunction with Messiah's Information Technology Services (ITS)


Note: Websites that are designed independently of the College’s Web staff are still subject to the College’s approved graphic standards and technical compatibility standards. Discussing these standards with the College Web Services Manager in advance of your project’s design will help avoid significant delays or major revisions. Messiah College's Web team is not responsible for resolving problems resulting from these standards not being adhered to.



Q: How much will it cost to develop a website for my department or office?

A: Web design, consulting and services are generally offered free of charge to campus clients through the Office of Marketing and Public Relations. However, if a campus client requests a particularly labor-intensive or rush job that requires special assistance from an outside vendor, there will be a fee involved (the price charged by the external vendor will be passed along to the client. Costs vary by vendor). Any anticipated extra costs, however, will be discussed with (and authorized by) the client prior to the project. Estimates for the requested service(s) will be acquired upon request.



Q: How long will it take to design my website?

A: The design time required for each website varies depending on the scope of the project and the current workload of the College Web team, but generally ranges between 2-10 weeks.

Note: Design time can be shortened significantly if the client is able to:

  • Provide significant input into the organization of the site by completing a site navigation worksheet/wireframe
  • Provide copy in electronic format (via disk or email, for example)
  • Provide the photos or images they would like to use
  • Work within the established templates and graphic standards approved for Messiah’s website


Q: Will the College Web Team assist me with a personal home page?



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