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Web Services

Maintaining your website



Q: Whom do I contact if I want to revise or update my current web page?


A: The staff of each office or department knows the subject matter for their website better than anyone else. For this reason, any program/office/department with a website on is responsible for writing their site’s content and also designating a person(s) in their program/office/department to post and edit  the site’s content (usually with Contribute) as needed after it is built or redesigned by the web team.


When a site is redesigned, much of the existing content often can be repurposed from the current website and new content can be added to any new areas of the site.


The web team is not responsible for making routine content changes to another department’s website but will assist in migrating existing content to a redesigned or newly built site.

The web content editor is also available upon request to provide some basic technical assistance in setting up areas of specialized web content such as blogs, photo galleries, videos, podcasts, areas for social media, etc. for official Messiah websites. Provide a link to a form or minimally an email and/or phone extension.


Q: If the College Web Staff designs my website, can I then have access to it to keep it updated?


A: Yes, clients are required to make their own web updates and revisions, and access to that area of the website will be given them. The College uses Contribute, a web content editing program to update content on pages. If you are not familiar with Contribute, and would like access and training on it, please see the Contribute training / schedule which is available via MCSquare > Employee training > Web > Contribute. In addition, a Contribute FAQ is available to answer some common questions you may have about the software.



Q: May I work on my web page from off campus? How do I access my server account?

A: You may access your space and files on the web server remotely through a method known as File Transfer Protocol (FTP). For detailed instructions and the necessary software, visit the ITS FTP page. Third-party consultants who are being used by campus departments or individuals to help them create their web pages may also be granted FTP access. Request for third-party access must come through an employee or student to their desktop support person, who informs the web services manager of the request. Upon approval of the web services manager and after coordination with ITS, will instruct the third-party on the College’s website standards and FTP protocols.


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