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Web Services

Image Guidelines


The following general guidelines should be considered to ensure consistent and reliable display of images for official Messiah College websites.



  • Images with picture elements (or colors), should be saved as .jpg.
  • Other images, such as a logo, should be saved in .gif or .png format.
  • Image types should be saved as RGB and not CMYK.
  • No animated gifs.



  • Image resolution for the Web should be 72 dpi.
  • The color palette should be reduced to the minimum number of colors necessary to maintain image quality.
  • ‘Save for Web’ or similar feature should be selected if available.



  • We have some visitors to the Messiah College website who still us a dial-up connection, so it's important to make sure your images load quickly. A good image size for your images to is 250px wide (at 72 dpi)


We have a rich image archive filled with great images that you can use on your website or in on-screen presentations. Our photographers populate the archive regularly.


Please refer to the Support & Training section of the site for tutorials on using GIMP to edit your photos, or PicNik (a free online tool)


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