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Contribute FAQs


Did you know?

Contibute has a built in "How to..." feature. Located on the lower left side of the program, all you need to do is click the heading that most closely represents the issue or question you have. This will expand the menu and expose more options to walk you through any issues you may have.


Access / Connection Issues | Content Editing| Training Needs



Access / Connecting issues:


I can’t connect to my web pages, what do I do?
If you are having trouble connecting to your web pages, you can try to set up the connection following the Connect to Contribute step by step. If that does not work, please fill out the “Report a Contribute Issue” form and describe the error you are seeing. 


I am not able to edit a page.  It says “________ is currently editing this page”, what now?
If you are seeing a message at the top of the page you need to edit, please contact the person who is supposedly editing the page, and ask them to log into Contribute and either Publish the page, or discard changes.  This will check the page back into the system and allow you to access it.

If you are not able to contact the person who is currently editing the page, please fill out the “Report a Contribute Issue” form, provide the page url (address) and we will remove the ‘lock’ on the page, which will lose all edits, but allow you to edit the page.


I need to get access to pages to edit.  How do I get that?
Please go to “Request Access to Edit Site” form and fill out.  It is important to include the address of the site you need access to, include your supervisors name / email and your username.  Once it is approved by your supervisor, we will request permission from ITS and alert you when that access has been granted.


I don’t have a workstudy username.  How can I request one?
Since we cannot grant access to student usernames, your student will need a work study username.  To request a work study username, please contact ITS and they will help you set one up.


I have a username, and have requested access to my site, but I can’t connect. Now what?
If you are not able to access your pages with your username and pw, please complete the “Report a Contribute Issue” form and ITS will help you connect.




Content Editing


I would like to add a form / change a form on my site. Can I do that in Contribute?

Unfortunately, no, Contribute does not allow for form creation or editing. If you need a form, or a change to a form, please email, or contact the Print / Web Project Coordinator.


I would like to embed YouTube videos on my webpage, can I do that in Contribute?

Yes, you can do that! And, it's pretty simple. For details and screen shots, please visit our YouTube training page.


Can I link to a PDF?

Linking to PDF's, Word Docs, Excel files is simple in Contribute.


I would like to modify my left navigation bar - can I do that in Contribute?

If your site is designed in the 'new' template, you can edit the left nav bar. To add, remove or edit the left nav, click edit page, place your cursor where the new link on the left is to go, hit enter, and type in the link name. Highlight the new link name / words and go up to Link and navigate to the page you want to link to.




Contribute Training


I haven’t used Contribute in a while.  Is training still offered? And how do I sign up?
If you’re feeling a little rusty in Contribute, you can go to the On Campus Training page for more information, or you can go directly to MCSquare > Employee training > Web > Contribute to view the schedule and sign up for sessions.


I have a workstudy who needs to be trained on Contribute, but they can’t register via MCSquare > Employee training.  How can I schedule them for sessions?
At this time, you, as the supervisor would need to register the workstudy under your name.  When you do so, please send an email to and let us know your workstudy’s username (not their student username, but an established workstudy username ie: Workweb, HbgIntern). Please also include the address of the site they need to have access to.



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