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Embedding a YouTube Video on Messiah Webpage

Note: The steps below assume that you are embedding a video from the Messiah College channel and that you don't have a YouTube account or are not logged in.


1. Go to our channel at:    
2. Click the Uploads link at the top of the page.   Uploads

3. Locate the video you’d like to embed in the list of videos at the right (or use the search box just above the list).   Upload Videos Listing
4. Click the video thumbnail or name to begin to play the video.   Step 4
5. Below the playing video, click the “View comments, related videos, and more”link.   Step 5
6. Click the Share button.   Step 6
7. Click the Embed button   Step 7
8. Scroll down and select the image that most closely matches the size that you would like to display your video on the webpage (or enter a specific height and width in the fields).   Step 8
9. The code in the window will change as you make your selection(s). Copy the code (Cntrl C) when you are finished.   Step 9
10. Paste the code into the page where you'd like the video to appear. (Contribute users can use the Insert/HTML snippet function.)  




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