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What form(s) do you need?


Events Calendar Form - First step to your club's event or activity on campus!  This required form tells us the Who, What, Where, When, Why of your event and keeps all departments in the approval loop.


College Press Copy Request Form - Use this service to place both black and white or color copy orders with the Messiah copy services which are offered through College Press. Black and White copies start at 3.5 cents and color copies start at 39 cents. This link will allow you to send your order as well as specify delivery date and location. You may use this service for both personal and club related work. Got to MCSquare> Student tab> College Press On-line Services


Deposit Form - This form is to be used if your recognized club has a deposit to be made into the Messiah College business office into the club account.


Guest Rider Form - Guidelines and expectations of invited guests speakers/performers to Messiah College to be respectful and understanding of the context of our

Christian community. This is a simple and common sense list of expectations that we ask guests to observe while on campus. We reserve the right to cancel or refuse payment on any agreement, and/or to ask guest to
leave campus, should the guest violate or disregard any of our expectations listed.


Guest Speaker Form - Along with the Guest Rider Form, this gives us the Who, What, Where, When, Why of your guest and the event its tied to.


Mass Email Request - Messiah College offers mass email services to recognized student clubs, or student organizations, and employees through The College Press. Mass emails are intended for Messiah College news items that arise in the normal course of college business and activities. Mass email news items will be sent only one time. Mass email news items must be initiated by a current Messiah College employee or current student belonging to a Messiah College club or organization.


Request for Payment Form - This form is to be used if your recognized club has an invoice to be paid. 


Request for Reimbursement Form - This form is to be used if your recognized club has an individual that needs to be personally reimbursed.


Tax Exemption Form - Messiah College's tax exempt form. Messiah is a non-profit educational institution and therefore is exempt from paying state sales tax.  You may provide this form to any retailer to exempt yourself for paying sales tax on an item related to an activity or event at Messiah College.


Club Transportation Release - Please use this form when using a personal vehicle (not college fleet) when traveling for a club/organization activity



W-9 Tax Form - The W-9 form is used by a company or contractee to request a copy of your social security or taxpayer ID number for tax reporting purposes. An IRS Form W-9 is issued by any individual or company that employs subcontractors, independent contractors, consultants or other self-employed workers. It is used to collect information needed to report to the IRS disbursements made to these individuals or agencies for the purposes of deducting them against expenses on their tax returns.



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