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Student Activities Board (SAB)

Frequently Asked Questions


What is SAB?

SAB, or the Student Activities Board, is a campus organization which provides the student body with a variety of events and activities, including dances, concerts, coffeehouses, and films.


What is SAB's philosophy concerning campus events?

SAB desires that the student body be exposed toa variety of artistic expressions and activities that help thew student to actively engage today's popualr culture. Christians should neither passively accept all popular culture, nor exist in a deatched Christian bubble. Rather, SAB believes that Christians should be "in the world, but not of the world," actively participating in and influencing popular culture.


What does it mean to be actively engaged in popular culture?

In short, it means to interact intellectually and artistically with popular culture and to articulate the importance of participation and discernment when engaging with popular culture as we impact our world for Christ.


How does SAB select artists?

We select artists based on four criteria: artistic merit, cultural significance, truth communicated, and appropriateness. We make no distinction between non-Christian and Christian artists. Rather, we treat artistis the same no matter what label they slap on themselves.


How can I get involved?

First, attend concerts, films, and other events with the intent to have fun, but also to think. Don't be a passive acceptor of all artistic media. Don't simply be entertained. Rather, apply discernment when viewing ANY art (made by Christian or non-Christian artists), and evaluate the truth, originality, and artistic merit of the content. Join SAB's facebook group (or the groups for individual activities like B-sides, Coffeehouses, and Lost Films). You can also join one of our four committees: concerts, dances, lost films, and special activities by contacting the appropriate executive.