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Student Activities Board (SAB)

About SAB

SAB, or the Student Activities Board, is a campus organization which provides the student body with a variety of events and activities, including dances, concerts, coffeehouses, and films.  We are committed to bringing the most culturally relevant content to our events and the student body, while keeping truth, originality, and appropriateness in constant perspective.


Any questions you have about Messiah College Student Activities Board can be directed to

Joe D'Ambrosi or Ben Taylor .



(717) 796-5094

Demos, promotional packets, and media kits can be sent to:
Messiah College
Student Activities Board
One College Ave

Suite 3050
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

Follow us on twitter: @MessiahSAB

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For further discussion and notes on
popular culture, read our Blog.

President and Publicity Executive Joe D'Ambrosi

Advisor Ben Taylor
Student Talent Executive Jimmie Nelson

Graphic Designer Nate Solberg
Concerts Executive Allen Fernandez

Dance Executive Hannah Teklits
Special Activities Executive Alexa Kern

Treasurer Katelyn Macbeth
Excursions Executive Ryan Miller

B-Sides Executive Matt Wagner