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Peer Review Board



Michael Skolka

Chair of Peer Review Board

Advisor: Doug Wood

Messiah College Discipline Philosophy:

1.  Help students understand the mission of the College and the importance of our standards towards achieving that mission.

2. Help students understand why their behavior is disruptive to the mission of the College corporately and personally.

3. Help students accept responsibility for their behavior.

4. Help students to be reconciled to individuals affected by their behavior and be restored to the College as a whole.

5. Help students make better decisions in the future concerning their behavior so as to more effectively achieve their goals as they coincide with those of the College.

Peer Review Board Information

2012-2013 Board Members

Name Class
Nina Kensicki Freshman
Adrienne Monoroy Sophomore
Jess Teeter Sophomore
Nic Trout Sophomore
David Broberg Junior
Andrew Ausel Junior
Rebecca Kharajian Senior


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