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Timothy Sensenig

Chair of Student Senate
and Student Body Vice President


Student Senate meets each Thursday at 7:30pm in Boyer 131.

Senate is open for all students to attend.

Date                  Agenda Items                              Minutes
Feb. 6

-Orientation and Introductions

-Committee Planning

Feb. 13


Feb. 20 (B137, Parmer Cinema)

-Spring 2014 Budget Approval

-Chair Approval

Feb. 27

-Governance Review

-Chair Approval

March 6

-Governance Review (Revote)

-Committee Meetings

March 13

-South Side Cafe

-Executive Organizations' Report

March 27 -Dr. Kim S. Phipps, President
April 3

-Agape Center Report

-Cindy Burger, Director of Safety and Dispatch Services

April 24  
May 1

-Capital Funds Purchases Discussion


What is Student Senate?

Student Senate is committed to representing the students of Messiah College as the sole student legislative body and official unified student voice on campus. Some of our duties include:

  • Recommend policy changes and initiatives to the College Administration, Faculty, Board of Trustees, and surrounding community
  • Recommend ways to increase the quality and effectiveness of SGA activities and services
  • Approve the SGA budget each semester
  • Form special committees as needed to address specific concerns or carry out specific tasks

Student Senate Committees:

      Name:                  Responsibilities:                                     Committee Chair:

Academic Affairs
Bejamin Long
Bethany Seiter


Finance and Organizations

Zachary Kantner

Ben Hemphill

Physical Needs
Justin Henry
Social Concerns

Joseph D'Ambrosi




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